About the Book

Yes! Finally! Just what you've been waiting for!

This book has it all:

  • Preventing your tiara from slipping off
  • Keeping your pores squeaky clean
  • Winning the heart of the boy of your dreams (or, at the very least, the cute guy you sit next to in language lab)
  • Avoiding a military incursion by a neighboring principality
  • And much, much more!

By following the invaluable advice of Mia and her very special guest authors (including best friend and urban guerrilla Lilly Moscovitz; Grandm�re, the dowager princess of Genovia; Manhattan beauty expert Paolo; Italian fashion specialist Sebastiano Grimaldi; and Tina Hakim Baba, resident high school romance specialist), you will be well prepared for the day you finally ascend the throne . . . or at the very least, you'll know the difference between a fish fork and a salad fork.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Princess Lessons about?

Princess Lessons covers everything you need to know about being a princess, as told by Mia with help from Lilly, Tina, Sebastiano, Paolo, and (of course) Grandmère, among others. It's not another volume of Mia's diaries, which is why it isn't numbered as such: it's just what Mia has picked up from those long afternoons at The Plaza with Grandmère. With gorgeous, fabulous, fun illustrations.

Why should I read Princess Lessons?

Every girl should know how to set a proper table, address foreign heads of state, and perform the perfect curtsy. You must be prepared for your true parents, the king and queen of some country you haven't heard of yet, to return you to your rightful throne.

But I'm not a princess. Do I still need Princess Lessons?

Of course! This book has all sorts of invaluable advice—how to get your prince charming to notice you, how to pluck your eyebrows—from a variety of reliable sources. And it's WAY more fun than sitting around with Grandmère.

Once I've achieved self-actualization and learned what a salad fork is, will I be a princess?

Well, you might not be the princess of an actual country, but you will be able to wear a sparkly tiara with pride. If you are kind to others, considerate of the world around you, and as gracious and thoughtful as you can possibly be, you are truly a princess at heart.

Where are my royal parents, and when will they come to reclaim me to my rightful throne?

You never know—so start preparing now!