About the Book

Do you know…

  • How to wield the incredible power of the tiara?
  • When your prince deserves to be whacked in the head with a shoe?
  • What it takes to achieve immortality… or at least make an unforgettable entrance?
  • Why allowing the populace to eat bread and not just cake is of critical importance?
  • What to do as a houseguest should you find a pea under your mattress?
  • What makes a princess perfect?

Princess Amelia Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldo of Genovia (aka Mia) and subjects look to the world's princesses for the answers to these burning questions and more. Big and small, old and new, real and imaginary—all kinds of princesses exhibit perfection in their own way. Don't delay: Find out what made this royal roster rule, and begin your own reign!

Table of Contents

All I Need to Know I Learned from Princesses, By Princess Amelia Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldo

Princess Mia discusses the importance of princesses—past, present and pretend

I. Perfect Princesses:
Dowager Princess Clarisse Renaldo offers a selection of perfect-princess role models

From Chinese Empress Wu Zetian to Britain's “Queen Mum,” Grandmère admires princesses who have shown grace under pressure

II. Style Princesses:
Hair and make-up guru Paolo and fashionisto Sebastiano discuss principessas whose royal wardrobes have profoundly impacted the world. Also: Cousin Hank Thermopolis makes a special guest appearance

From Marie Antoinette's rosy cheeks to Princess Jasmine's halter top, royal style relies on more than just a crown. Paolo and Sebastiano explain how

III. Mrs. Princess:
Tina Hakim Baba names princesses who only became princesses because they were lucky enough to marry princes

Tina examines the phenomenon of commoners who scored royal titles—and princes—from Princess Diana to Mia's own Grandmère

IV. Power Princesses:
Renowned social activist Lilly Moscovitz comments on princesses who wielded mighty scepters

From Cleopatra and her fatal asp to Elizabeth I, the Virgin Queen, these royals refused to merely sit pretty on their thrones

V. Action Princesses:
Royal Consort Michael Moscovitz reflects upon his ideal princess…and surprisingly, it is not Princess Leia

Michael tells all (or at least his thoughts on heroines in tiaras, that is)

VI. Politically Correct Princesses:
Princess Mia sheds light on the valuable lessons contained in popular fairy tales

From Princess Mononoke to Snow White, every princess carries a message, be it about environmentalism or not eating an apple offered by a stranger, no matter how juicy it looks

VII. Wannabe Princesses:
Princess Mia decrees just who is, and who is not, a real princess

In regards to the likes of Barbie, Smurfette, and Gwyneth Paltrow, Princess Mia draws a line in the sand

VIII. Should-Be-Princesses:
Princess Mia lists those who are not princesses but ought to be

Princess Mia takes a stand on behalf of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Gwen Stefani, and others

Getting in touch with your inner princess

Princess Mia ties it all together