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About The Mediator series

I first got the idea for The Mediator series after my father died in 1994. My brother and I kept thinking we saw him out of the corners of our eyes. I know it was just a trick of our unconscious, but it did seem a little like Dad-who had a good sense of humor, and played a lot of pranks-was haunting us, in a joking way. That got me thinking-what if there WERE such a thing as ghosts? And what if, instead of just the ghost of someone YOU happened to know and love, you were someone who could see EVERYONE's ghost?

When I mentioned this to my brother, he groaned, "You're not going to write a book about this, are you?" I started writing one that day-a book that eventually became SHADOWLAND, the first book in The Mediator series, about a sixteen year old girl who can see and speak to ghosts (only no one in her family knows this) and who moves, with her mother, from Brooklyn to live her new stepfather and brothers in California, where she encounters Jesse, a spirit like no other-and to whom she later proves to be bound by destiny.whether she likes him or not.

And she definitely does.

I chose Carmel as a setting because when my brothers and I were kids, our father taught at the Naval Academy in Monterey, CA, and we lived in Carmel, CA, and went to the Junipero Serra Mission School, just like Susannah Simon, the series. I've never forgotten the beauty of Carmel, or the haunting mystery of the mission, so I based the books there (although all the characters at the Mission School and in the Carmel of the books are fictional).

I originally planned there to be 8 books in the series in all. Simon and Schuster contracted me for 4 books, but the books didn't end up selling at all, and after the publication of DARKEST HOUR, they chose not to buy my proposal for the next four books in the series (in other words-I got fired).

I was devastated. But life goes on. Happily, The Princess Diaries series WAS selling well, and when I broached the subject of continuing The Mediator series with HarperCollins my Princess Diaries publisher, they agreed to not only publish two new books in the series, but purchase the previous books in the series and reprint them. I'm eternally grateful to HarperCollins for breathing new life into The Mediator series, and allowing me to finish it up the way I'd planned to.

I have no plans on continuing The Mediator series past six books at this time. I'm happy with where I've left Suze and Jesse in TWILIGHT, and hope readers are as well. To continue the series would mean to introduce further conflict into Suze's world, and I feel like she deserves a rest after everything she (and I) has been through with this series. I'm grateful to all the readers who've stuck by this series, and hope you'll look forward to the new paranormal series I'll be writing in the future!

Thank you!



Below is a printable list of the complete books in The Mediatorseries that you can take with you to the bookstore or library so you can make sure you don't miss a single book in the series..