Insatiable Playlist

I can't write without loud music blaring into my ears (and that music has to have lyrics).

Generally in order to end up on the playlist, the lyrics have to have something to do with the plot or characters I'm writing about.

With Insatiable, it all started with a song I heard in a documentary called The Devil and Daniel Johnston, about a manic depressive singer-songwriter/artist (who was also featured on MTV some years ago) named Daniel Johnston.

"Devil Town" is actually the song that partly inspired this book. What would happen if you lived in a town where everyone turned out to be vampires? What if you turned out to be a vampire yourself, but didn't know it? That's not what happens in Insatiable (at least, not to the main character). But Meena Harper does have her own problems with the supernatural. But the song "Devil Town" is what got me thinking "What if . . ."
"Saviour" by La Roux is a perfect Insatiable song. Alaric's not a savior Meena is very happy to see. But now she understands why no one was ever particularly glad to hear the news she (much like Joan of Arc) had to impart. Alaric, Meena, and Joan are all saviors no one ever wanted (or appreciated).
"Teeth" by Lady Gaga is a hilarious song. Everyone has their own interpretation of what it's about (I even heard a Christian arguing it's about Jesus). I absolutely adore this song. To me, it's Meena's internal dialogue in the bedroom with Lucien, although she would never say any of this out loud.
"Counting Down to 1" by Bree Sharp is about someone stealing someone's heart. But who? I've got some guesses.
It's not too hard to figure out who "Dead Man's Will" by Iron & Wine with Calexico is about: "May my love reach you all/I lost it in myself and buried it too long/ Now that I come to fall/Please say it's not too late/Now that I'm dead and gone."
Poor Lucien! This song makes me feel so sad for him and what he's been through and makes me wish he could have some happiness (even though he murdered a bunch of people in his past).
"Sour Cherry" by The Kills is about a girl who stands out. She's not sweet, like other girls, or bitter or hard or mushy. She's just different . . . a sour cherry. I think of both Meena and her friend Leisha when I hear this song.
"I Got It From My Mama" by There's something to be said for dancing around to songs like this. I feel like they'd play this at B.A.O. (Leisha's salon) when all the customers are gone. Another song like this that I listened to while writing Insatiable was "Hotel Room Service" (Pitbull). Dirty! But so fun.
"Shut Up and Let Me Go" by the Ting Tings is obviously about a girl who likes a guy but doesn't want to. Since this pretty much explains all of Meena's relationships, this song is multipurpose. Also good for dancing.
"Are You Gonna Be My Girl" by the Jets is the kind of song I could see Alaric secretly singing and dancing to in his hotel room when no one is around. I'm not saying he does this. But I'm not saying he doesn't do this. No witnesses have survived to say either way.
"Bad Boyfriend" by Garbage is another Meena and Lucien song.
"Avalon" by Roxy Music: This song reminds me of the moment Meena and Lucien first see each other. Also all the other times they get together.
"Again and Again" by the Bird and the Bee is obviously about a girl trying not to have sex with her vampire boyfriend, but can't help it.
"Sexyback" by Justin Timberlake just reminds me of Alaric. I'm not saying Alaric likes this song. But no one knows that he doesn't.
"Reservoir Park" by the Dutchess and the Duke has lines that remind me of all the different characters from the book. Alaric: "How many times have I defied the cold clutches of death?" Meena: "And how many times have I stopped short from taking that last step?" Lucien: "And every time I've tried to hurt you, I have only hurt myself." Poor things.
"Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga is Meena's theme song: Because she's caught in a bad romance . . . .

. . . or is she?