Overbite Discussion Guide

Below are discussion questions for Overbite book groups. Don't belong to a book group? Then discuss these questions and more at the Meg Cabot Fiction Club!

In Insatiable, Meena had to make a difficult choice. In Overbite, how has her choice affected her? Do you think she regrets it?

Can Meena trust Lucien? Why does she invite him into her bedroom?

Has the relationship between Alaric and Meena changed in Overbite? How do you think working together in the Palatine Guard might have affected their relationship?

Lucien is the son of Vlad the Impaler, also known as Dracula. How has he lived up to the legacy passed down from his father?

In Overbite, we learn how Lucien has spent the last six months. Does this change your opinion of him?

Meena keeps trying to convince her fellow Palatine employees that vampires might have some good in them. Alaric disagrees. From what you know about vampires, who is right?

Why does Meena struggle with her emotions in Overbite? How does she deal with her feelings?

Why is the Metropolitan Museum of Art is an important location for Lucien and Meena?

Meena's brother, Jon, wants to work for the Palatine. Do you think he'd make a good member of the team?

What role does Abraham Holtzman play in the Palatine? What kind of relationship does he have with Alaric, Meena, and the other members of the Guard?

Alaric embraces Meena outside the Freewell Police Station. Why did he choose that moment to express himself?

Mary Lou and Emil Antonescu have every reason to leave New York City for good considering what happened in Insatiable. Why do they return to Manhattan? Where do their loyalties lie and why?

How has Alaric's history with Father Henrique influenced his opinion of "Padre Caliente"?

What did you think of Mauricio Henrique early in Overbite, and how did your opinion of him change by the end of the book?

Does Overbite have a happy ending?