Book Discussion

Book Discussion

1. Meena has the psychic ability to tell how people are going to die. How does this affect her relationships? How would you use such a power? How could such a power be abused?

2. In the book, Meena refers to vampires as "monster misogynists." Can you think of any vampires from books, TV, or film that match her description?

3. Why does Alaric Wulf, a member of the Palatine Guard, a demon hunting force for the Vatican, risk his life in order to protect men and women from vampires when he doesn't even believe in God?

4. Insatiable is the title of the television show Meena works for. Who else in the story proves to be insatiable (besides fans of the show)?

5. Why does Meena's brother accuse her of "protecting her abusive boyfriend" when she refuses to reveal Lucien's location to Alaric?

6. Meena's best friend Leisha says her husband is the first guy she could ever really be herself around. Is this a good or bad recommendation for a lasting relationship? Why or why not?

7. Why is Meena so attracted to the painting of Joan of Arc in the Met? What is the secret meaning behind the painting of St. George and the dragon?

8. One of the sponsors of Insatiable's vampire storyline is Revenant Wrinkle Cream. Why is this significant?

9. Does Lucien's desire to turn Meena into a vampire come from true love, selfishness, or a little of both?

10. Would you want to live forever and never age? Why or why not?

11. Is being dead ever a happy ending?

12. Did Meena make the right decision in the end? What would you have done in her place?