Overbite Discussion Questions

1) At the end of Insatiable, Meena had to make a difficult choice. At the beginning of Overbite, how has her choice affected her? Do you think she regrets it?

2) Lucien is the son of Vlad the Impaler, also known as Dracula. In your opinion, has he lived up to the legacy passed down from his father?

3) In Overbite, we learn how Lucien has spent the six months between books. Does this change your opinion of him? Do you think Meena is right or wrong to trust him?

4) Meena keeps trying to convince her fellow Palatine employees that demons, like humans, have a choice in whether to be good or evil. Alaric disagrees. Who do you think is right? Is anyone �born� good or evil?

5) Meena's brother, Jon, wants to work for the Palatine. Do you think he'd make a good member of the team?

6) What role does Abraham Holtzman play in the Palatine and the lives of Meena and Alaric? Do you think he makes a good role model and supervisor?

7) How do you think Alaric's personal history influenced his opinion of "Padre Caliente"? What do you think keeps him from being able to express other feelings�especially for Meena�freely?

8) Mary Lou and Emil Antonescu have every reason to leave New York City for good considering what happened in Insatiable. Why do they return to Manhattan? Where do their loyalties lie and why? Why do you believe what happens to them at the end of the book happens?

9) What did you think of Mauricio Henrique early in Overbite? Did your opinion of him change by the end of the book? When and why?

10) Do you think by the end of Overbite, the characters who were striving to do so found personal resolution? Did the ending of the book seem more or hopeful less than the ending of Insatiable?