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By meggin,

What a crazy couple of weeks!

And not just because of the Health Care vote, or because I have a new book out, or because of what’s happening to poor Sandra (though I’m still crossing my fingers that the rumors aren’t true, and maybe this is all just one of those celebrity shakedowns that have gotten so popular these days).

No, I had to make a sudden trip to NYC. … Continue reading

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Your Valentine’s Day Mission

By meggin,

Happy Valentine’s Day!

So that’s one Valentine you’ve just gotten.

And not to give anything anyway, but if you subscribe to my e-newsletter, I know of at least one more you’re going to be getting (it’s not too late to sign up)!

I’m always torn about whether to participate in February 14th festivities. Valentine’s Day is a day people either love or hate. (It’s kind of stylish right now to … Continue reading

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Picture Books by Meg!

By meggin,

Let’s just concede that 2010 hasn’t gotten off to a very propitious start.

Haiti. Authors dying left and right. The entire world (NBC, the Internet, Wall Street, what have you) appearing to have gone insane. My husband still being on crutches.

But it isn’t all bad, you guys. Because it’s just been reported that Madonna has been trying to have another baby! At fifty! … Continue reading

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Precious, District 9, and Alice, I Have Been

By meggin,

It’s cold. Seriously, even the iguanas here in Florida are going into hibernation and falling out of the palms trees onto unsuspecting people’s heads.

(OK, it’s not really that cold in Key West. But tomorrow it’s supposed to be going down into the 40s at night!)

Obviously, since many Floridians don’t even have heat, during this on-going crisis we’ve had no choice but to huddle in front of the warmth of our TVs. … Continue reading

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Bloopers, Brothers, Brazilians, and Boyfriends

By meggin,

So I didn’t see any movies at all this weekend—except Rachel Getting Married, but that was on Starz or HBO or something, and it’s been out forever, so that doesn’t count.

I have to say, if Kim (Anne Hathaway’s character) was my sister, not only would I NOT have invited her to my wedding, I would have eloped.

(Special note: I did elope, and I’m not even related to her.)

But I digress.

Anyway, I did post some new movies of MINE to my YouTube channel (which I think should sort of count as going to the movies), since I’ve been neglecting it HORRIBLY.

One is a collection of bloopers from the Read Our Lips advice series Michele Jaffe and I have been doing.

Have you ever wondered what goes on BEHIND the scenes when authors make their YouTube videos?

Well, now you’ll know! (Hint: A LOT of eating and swearing. We bleeped the swearing):

And the second one is a completely bizarre (but lovely) video tribute my Brazilian publisher made for me as a surprise when I visited Brazil for the 2009 Bienal do Livro this fall.

The publisher asked fans to send in home videos about why they love my (as well as author Bernard Cornwell’s) books.

This is the incredibly sweet (and hilarious) result:

Finally, get this:

My mom’s boyfriend now has a website, which my mom made for him (with her own little hands!).

You remember, he was my art teacher, with whom my mom is now blissfully living in sin? You read all about it in The Princess Diaries, because it made for a good story, because it was true…even if I’m not really a princess.

The whole thing still grosses me out a little—the living together part, not the part where I’m not a princess. So much so that I may have to write another book about it.

Anyway, you have to go there now:

You know you want to. You can’t help yourself. Go to his site, be amazed, and then tell all your rich art collector friends who own hospitals and banks to go too, and buy some of his art!

Actually, a lot of his art is very reasonably priced (just email and ask), so you could probably afford many of the paintings and drawings, which I really do like.

It’s just the gargantuanly huge ones that are the size of elephants and probably wouldn’t fit in your apartment anyway that cost a lot.

He really is amazing, and the website is, too. Good going, Mom!

OK, I have go finish my book(s) now before my brother Sergeant Friendly shows up for Thanksgiving dinner. Did I tell you he got divorced? Yeah, he did. It’s sad.

But I wouldn’t worry too much about him. He’s 6’8”.

It’s my share of the gluten-free pumpkin pie He Who Shall Not Be Named In The Blog is making that you should be worried about right now. I know I am.

More later.

Much love,


PS Uh, yeah, I just realized that some people might think that the brother mentioned in the bloopers video and MY brother are the same people. NO! Totally separate, and in fact the reason we didn’t end up answering that question was because Michele and I both LOVE the women our brothers married and had no idea how to solve that problem. The end.

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By meggin,

I’m leaving now for Miami for my event tomorrow, and I’m so excited because I get to stay in a fancy hotel in South Beach instead of my house (which still smells like a rotting mouse corpse. How can such a small thing take so long to decompose?), eat room service, and….

…I get to see all of YOU!

There are, of course, a few pieces of business to take care of before I go:

First of all, I just found this website devoted to romantic suspense author Mary Stewart. How cool is this? It’s been around awhile, I know, but I’ve only just discovered it.

I think it’s lovely. I was just re-reading Nine Coaches Waiting and going, “Oh, Raoul!”

Raoul probably the best Stewart hero, although I change my mind every time I re-read one of her books.

Secondly, I’ve been having trouble keeping up with all the new shows on TV. I adore V (although for the first 47 minutes of the premiere it seemed like a snoozefest). But why are they all on the same night? Glee and Friday Night Lights are on at the same time!

(I wasn’t that fond of Glee this week, though I enjoyed Puckerman, of course. I liked that finally there was a real stutterer on TV, and then they just took that away. That made me go…what? And then the thing with Coach Sue? Really? They’re trying to make that character sensitive? Hmmm…)

Anyway, have you been watching Mercy? It’s on Wednesday nights, too, and about kind of slutty (but funny!) nurses. One of them was in Iraq and her husband cheated on her while she was gone, so then she cheated on him with a hot doctor in the heat of battle. So then the hot doctor decided he was in love with her and followed her back home to Mercy Hospital (without telling her), where she’s trying to patch things up with her no good husband.

Got that?

As you can see, one of the nurses is played by Buffy’s little sister Michelle Trachtenberg (who was also in Ice Princess) so it’s especially surprising that she’s having an affair with a married fireman (she doesn’t know he’s married). Next week the special guest is his wife…played by Real New Jersey Housewife Theresa! I CAN’T WAIT!!!!

OK, maybe I love watching those nurses having sex with firemen, cops, and doctors a little too much! We haven’t missed a single episode. You should watch it!

Finally, I can’t stop worrying about Giada de Laurentiis. You know I love her show and everything about her. She seems so nice!

But when I was flipping through one of the million magazines I get every week (don’t even ask me which one it was because I can’t remember now, but I think it was Shape or People or something), BANG! There it was:

Giada in a swimsuit.

I am NOT being judgy because I think it’s great that she’s in such good shape (especially considering how much pasta she eats).

But Giada totally has Food Network stalkers who just watch her show to see her boobs jiggle when she stirs! This is only going to inflame them. They went completely mental that day she put on that scuba suit, and she was covered from neck to wrist.

And what’s TODD going to say? I have a feeling he’s going to go completely Raoul about it.

Oh, Giada. It must be hard to balance a career, motherhood, and pervy Food Network stalkers. I know I have a hard time worrying about you balancing it.

So, anyway…if you aren’t doing anything else on Saturday at 11:00, and you live in the South Florida area, COME SEE ME!!!

I’ll be signing from Noon-1PM outside the room where I’m speaking.

Miami Book Fair International
Miami Dade College 

300 NE Second Ave., Miami, FL 33132

Batten (Building 2, 1st Floor, Room 2106)

I have NO IDEA what the signing rules are. I guess we’ll find out when I get there.

Oh, wait…what was that?


Obviously I want it to be this:

Or this:

Or something a little more like this:

But I’m not sure any of those are particularly practical (plus I don’t own them…).

So show up and find out! It will be a surprise to us both.

More later.

Much love,


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Meet Judy Blume!

By meggin,

I know, I know…you’ve always wanted to meet Judy Blume.

Well, now you have your big chance!

On Monday, October 19, she’ll be hosting a night of comedy to celebrate free speech (and benefit the National Coalition Against Censorship) at City Winery in New York City….

And you can be there!

(Okay, for $50. But hey…it’s for a good cause!)

Just click here for details and to reserve your ticket.

I know, fancy, right? And like I said, a good cause. Do you have any idea how many books get banned in schools every year?

And these are just the ones we hear about. An even more insidious problem are the school libraries where the problem “goes away” because the books are quietly removed…via the trash can.

How do I know about this? Because that’s where a volunteer found a set of my books after the school librarian received a complaint from a parent that a character mentioned the word “condom” in them.

The volunteer removed the books from the trash and emailed me in outrage to let me know what had happened.

The NCAC works to try to stop this—and worse—from happening! Here are just a few of their most recent projects.

I’m very sad I can’t be there for Judy’s event, but lots of cool other people will be! (Here is the complete list. Some people not on the list that I happen to know will also be there include fab authors Rachel Vail, Carolyn Mackler, and Lizzie Skurnick…yay! Go Shelf Discovery!)

(I would bring this if I were you.)

All your celebrity dreams could come true! And at the same time, you’ll be helping out an important cause, and having a night filled with laughter.

Come on, it’s Monday. What else were you going to do?

Say hi to Judy for me!

More later.

Much love,


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Seventeen Fiction Winner and the Beast

By meggin,

Happy Monday! Here are some things you might want to know:

The latest edition of Seventeen Magazine (the September issue, on shelves now) has the winning entry in the 2009 Fiction Contest, which I helped judge! Congratulations are in order to Kerry Reardon.

ALL the entries I read were fantastic. You all made it very hard to choose a winner. Great job, everyone!

Grab a copy of the September issue to read Kerry’s entry!

If you’re thinking of being a freelance writer (like Kerry probably is now!)—and even if you’re not—you should be paying attention to all the stuff going on with the new government subsidized health insurance plan!

Especially since you’ll probably end up being self-employed and having to pay for your own insurance someday (and trust me…it’s not cheap).

There are some people who are protesting the government’s offering subsidized health insurance to US citizens–because, they say, it would put private insurance companies out of business…which is baloney, because libraries haven’t put bookstores out of business, have they?

And public schools haven’t put private schools out of business (as we know from Gossip Girl)! And the US post office certainly hasn’t put Fed Ex out of business.

I wish someone would ask those protesters what they think we should do about the 47 million Americans in this country who have no insurance at all, or about the underinsured, who can’t afford dental care or their co-pays…

…and who have started to depend on charities like Remote Area Medical, who are supposed to be doing work in places like the Amazon, but instead are having to work in the US! Video clip from 60 Minutes here and totally worth watching.

Finally, I just opened my September Teen Vogue and saw Paris Hilton’s ad for her new fragrance, Siren.

I still haven’t stopped marveling at it’s sheer brilliance and glory, and knew I had to share it with you!

You really have to see one of her ads up close (check out the individual gold fins) to get its full impact:

Honestly, I don’t know what to say. Except:

Congratulations, Paris. You win. YOU WIN AT EVERYTHING!

Sometimes I just wonder if Paris ever thinks to herself that she should just…pull back a little?

But I’m so glad she doesn’t. Because if people pulled back, we wouldn’t have some of my favorite things in the world, like Drew Barrymore’s Annie Leibovitz Beauty and the Beast photo shoot (circa 2005)!

I love it!

Thank you, Vogue (and Annie and Drew) for those shots.

And thank you, Paris. For brightening this and every single day!

More later.

Much love,


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Meg Cabot Day (and Wet Mr. Darcy)

By meggin,

I totally forgot that today, July 31, is Meg Cabot Day (as proclaimed by the mayor of Bloomington, Indiana way back on July 31, 2004)!

How did you spend Meg Cabot Day? The preferred way to spend it is floating in a body of water, reading books.

But really you can spend it any way you want. That’s the beauty of Meg Cabot Day!

I spent mine getting my hair done, along with a mani-pedi and a super relaxing massage. You can’t spend all your time writing novels and trying to keep tabs on which Real Housewives cast member choked which (although thank God my salon has wi-fi).

Anyway, just in time for Meg Cabot Day, here’s an interview I did with Teen Scene, as well as a fun article from Publisher’s Weekly about my trip to the Betsy-Tacy conference….

…including never before seen pictures!

Like the one of me and Jenna and Katelyn, the completely adorable girls who made me this official Minnesota moose plaque:

They told me they made it while they were watching the A&E version of Pride and Prejudice. Which of course makes it extra special to me.

Close up of the Minnesota moose plaque.

Close up of Wet Mr. Darcy.

Watching the A&E version of P&P is a great way to spend Meg Cabot Day. I sort of wonder if you were making a Minnesota moose plaque while watching Pride and Prejudice on Meg Cabot Day, and you fell through a time portal, would you end up at Pemberley, having an affair with Mr. Darcy?

Or would you end up in a Meg Cabot book?

Oh, never mind. I guess I’m thinking about something else.

Thanks, Jenna and Katelyn. I’ll treasure it always!

And happy Meg Cabot Day to you all!

More later.

Much love,


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