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Book tour!

By janey,

Look what’s coming to a town near you! Well, hopefully….

My Princess Diaries/Middle School Princess book tour!




Here are just a few of the places I’ll be this spring/summer.  Not all my events/signings have been finalized so I’m only listing the ones I know right now for sure.  Stay tuned!


Dallas, TX
The RT Booklovers Convention
Thursday, May 14-Saturday, May 16
Click here for events I’m currently scheduled to attend!
(I’ll also be signing on Saturday in YA Alley!)




From the Notebooks of a Middle School Princess tour, official pub day May 19!

Columbia, SC
The South Carolina Book Festival
Sunday, May 17, 4:00 PM
Richland Meeting Room A & B


Cincinnati, OH


Monday, May 18, 7PM


Naperville, IL


Tuesday, May 19, 7PM


St Paul, MN

Red Balloon

Wednesday, May 20, 6:30-8:30


Boulder CO

Boulder Bookshop

Friday, May 22, 6:30PM


New York, NY
BEA and Book Con
Friday, May 29-Sunday, May 31:

Friday at Book Expo you’ll find me signing at ________ (info to come!!!!)

Saturday, May 30, 2015
With Robyn Carr, Kristan Higgins, & Sarah MacLean
Signing directly after

Sunday, May 31, 2015
A New Chapter in Genovia! With the Leading Expert on Genovian Princesses, MEG CABOT
12:30 PM – 1:30 PM
Signing after


Princess Diaries Volume 11, Royal Wedding tour, official pub day June 2!

St. Louis, MO
60th Annual IRA Conference (only now it is called ILA)
Keynote Speaker at YA Literature Luncheon
July 19, 2015


Columbus, GA
Columbus Children’s Book Festival
Keynote Speaker
September 18 to 19, 2015


Flica Festival and various other locations to be announced
October 22 to 29, 2015


Charleston, SC
November 13 to 14, 2015


Book Tour FAQs:

Q: Why aren’t you coming to my town/country?

A:  Authors (like princesses and vampires) can only go where we’re invited, so if I’m not coming to a place near you, it’s because no one (official) asked.  I’m so sorry! Maybe next time.


Q: Can I bring books from home for you to sign?

A: It’s really up to the venue. It costs money to fly me to these events, so the venue needs you to buy at least one book at the event. If you do, they might allow me to sign two or more of your books from home.  It’s a great idea to contact the venue in advance to ask!


Q: Will you sign other things besides books?

A: Like what? Probably not, that is just weird.


Q: Can I get a selfie with you?

A: If it’s OK with the venue, it’s OK with me.


Q: Can I bring my tiara?

A: Tiaras are strongly encouraged.


That’s it for now!  When I get more info, I’ll be sure to add it.  Check my Twitter and FB pages for the absolute LATEST updates!


More Later.

Much love,


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Thank You!

By meggin,

I’m more thankful than I can say to everyone who came to my first few appearances during the start of my Abandon book tour (you can see tons of cute photos of yourselves on my Facebook page here) . . . .

. . . as well as to those of you who couldn’t make it in person to any of my signings so far, but have joined me on my blog tour stops!

And to all the amazing bloggers/reviewers who’ve posted such thoughtful reviews—and even teaching guides!—about Abandon, as well as to everyone who’s picked up a copy of the book so far . . . .

I can’t thank you enough!

Especially because, while all my books are special to me, Abandon has an EXTRA special place in my heart. To find out why, check out this post I wrote for the fun ladies at Forever YA.

No matter how many times anyone tells you no, anything can happen . . . often in the blink of an eye. Which all of you have helped prove this past week by making Abandon debut at #6 on the New York Times bestseller list! … Continue reading

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My Dead Valentine

By meggin,

It’s that day again: The day some people love to celebrate with little pieces of paper cut into the shape of a heart and exchanges of gifts of candy and jewelry, and other people hate with an all-mighty passion.

But don’t worry. Whether you’re a lover or a hater, I’ve got Valentines for everyone:

1) Nothing says Be My Valentine more than abducting a girl and forcing her to live with you in your underground palace in the Underworld. … Continue reading

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Resolution: Have More Grit

By meggin,

I just saw True Grit starring Matt Damon and Jeff Bridges and Josh Brolin. It was fantastic.

But it made me realize how lacking I am in grit. Could you, like Mattie Ross (played by the amazing 14-year-old Hailee Steinfeld, the true star of the movie), endure hangings, gunfights, stabbings, having to sleep next to numerous dead bodies, snakes, near drowning, getting spanked by Matt Damon, and being forced to camp outdoors in inclement weather just to avenge the murder of your father?

If my dad were murdered and I had to go through all of the things above in order to see justice served, there is a high likelihood I might just say, “Sorry, Dad. Avenging your death is way too much work. That new show Heavy about all the people battling obesity is on. Want to watch it with me from Heaven? Okay, cool.”

But not Mattie Ross. … Continue reading

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Fight The Suckage

By meggin,

I’m going to make a general statement that some of you might not agree with, but I don’t care. Lately, things seem to suck.

Maybe they’re going great for you and if that’s true, fantastic. But if you’re like a lot of people I know, it’s the opposite. … Continue reading

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Sleeping Cowgirls

By meggin,

Good Lord! It has been quite a week. It’s not even officially ALA’s Banned Books Week yet (Sept. 25-Oct.2), but already everywhere I go, all I hear is “This author’s books have been banned!”

You can read my interview with the Story Snoops here, where I discuss my personal experiences with (and greatest fears about) book banning. (Be sure to check out interviews with Ellen Hopkins, Judy Blume, and President and CEO of Reading Is Fundamental Carol Rasco’s, and many others!)

One thing I didn’t mention in the interview was the translator I had when I was in Poland on book tour a few years ago. She really got me thinking about book banning, and how far people who love books will go to preserve them. She told me that when she was a kid, she used to keep Judy Blume books (and Ken Follett novels) hidden under her bed to loan to her friends (like a secret library) even though by doing so, she could have gone to jail.

That’s because under Communist rule, Western literature was forbidden, as it was considered “unsafe” by the government for the people to read . . . much the way some people today seem to think certain books are “unsafe” for others to read. … Continue reading

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Reporting live from the front lines of RWA

By meggin,

Hi, it’s me, reporting live from the front lines here at the 30th annual Romance Writers of America conference, where can I just tell you the air is tingling with the excitement of the pre-published waiting to snag a meeting with an editor or agent . . . not to mention the already published hoping to pitch their next book idea, and the multi-published schmoozing it up in the hotel bar (not me, I don’t have any photo ID to prove I’m 21, ha ha ha . . . but we’ll get to that in minute)!

Did I mention the place is also packed with booksellers, librarians, and bloggers? I even met Sarah from Smart Bitches, Trashy Books, and she looked nothing like Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which I somehow had it in my head that she would (you know, because she kicks so much ass).

She made this amazing video of last night’s mega signing, which is great because I didn’t get to see any of the event, having been in it.

I love Ke$ha, and I love romance, so this is basically my favorite video of all time. I like how I actually look like a lovesick crackhead when I say the line about lovesick crackheads (around 1:10). And I love how many authors contributed! They are all AWESOME. … Continue reading

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Giving Back: Or, You’re Probably Fine

By meggin,

OK, yours are way better than mine. I loved hearing back from so many of you about your secret heart’s desires!

One thing about secret heart’s desires, though (besides the fact that they’re supposed to be a secret. So no one has to know that you to want to be, oh, I don’t know, a key witness in a murder, or something):

I fully believe that the more you give back to the universe (especially when it’s been kind to you), the more the universe gives back to you! … Continue reading

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Is Your Boyfriend A Vampire?

By meggin,

People of the world, I know you’re sick of vampires.

But if we’re going to survive as a species, we’ve got to stop living in denial and face this simple fact:

Vampires are real!*

You know it’s true. It’s why you’ve been feeling so tired lately. A vampire secretly sucked out a little bit of your soul from you today while you were picking up that latte at Starbucks.

Or maybe while you were on Facebook (don’t think you’re safe from them on the Internet. Why do you think all those ex-boyfriends keep poking you? They’re vampires now).

That promotion you wanted at work, or that part you wanted in that play at school? Do I even have to say who got it?

Vampires aren’t just on our TVs and Kindles anymore. They’re lurking in our classes and neighborhoods and offices.

If anything, they’re increasing in numbers. And they’re getting more devious.

That’s why I had to make this little instructional video, so you can be prepared in the event a vampire tries to date you. Watch and learn, people: … Continue reading

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Cool Stuff Moms (and you) Will Like

By meggin,

Whether you’re a mom, have a mom, support a mom, or just act like a mom by bossing all your friends around, Mother’s Day is a good day to remember all the comforting things that make us feel happy and good inside, the way moms do (unless they’re that horrible mom from Precious who tried to drop a TV on Gabourey Sibide’s head):

Things like: … Continue reading

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Ash Cloud vs. Al Roker

By meggin,

In case you haven’t heard (how could you not have?) a giant cloud of volcanic ash is consuming most of the air space over Europe.

Do you think if instead of being all, “It’s so COOL to read about a world where there isn’t enough food to go around and everything sucks. I wish that would really happen!” all the people who like dystopian fiction had gone, “I wish I could have Blair Waldorf’s life!” we’d all have maids named Dorota doing our hair right now, and not an ash cloud over our heads? … Continue reading

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