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In 1984, Meg saw the movie "Romancing the Stone" and realized how much she wanted to write historical romance novels, just like the character Joan Wilder. She researched this field all through high school and college, but she was too shy to show the books she wrote to anyone.

Finally, in 1994, her father died. That's when Meg realized that life is too short not to try to pursue your dreams. So the day she got home from his funeral, she sent out her first manuscript. It was rejected.

But Meg kept trying, because as her grandmother said, "You're not a hundred dollar bill, not everyone is going to like you." Four years later, Where Roses Grow Wild, her first historical romance novel (written under the pen name Patricia Cabot, so her grandmother wouldn't know she was writing naughty books) was published.

Meg went on to publish over seventy more novels (most under her real name, many written in Meg's spare time while working as an administrative assistant). Many of them have won awards, become international bestsellers, and several have been produced into feature films and even television series.

But Meg will always treasure her very first published novels, the historical romances she wrote under the name Patricia Cabot, and is delighted that many of them are currently being released as e-books. As a member of the Romance Writers of America since 1996, Meg was pleased to be named a member of their Honor Roll (comprised of RWA members whose novels have made the New York Times, Publishers Weekly, or USA Today bestselling lists).

Meg retired the Patricia Cabot pen name and currently writes all her books under her own name . . . but not before her grandmother discovered her "naughty books!" To Meg's surprise, they turned out to be her grandmother's favorites of all of Meg's books!

Who knows? They might turn out to be yours, too!


Where Roses Grow Wild by Patricia Cabot

Where Roses Grow Wild

(Reissued January 2015)
Portrait of My Heart by Patricia Cabot

Portrait of My Heart

(Reissued January 2015)
Improper Proposal by Patricia Cabot

An Improper Proposal

(Reissued January 2015)
A Little Scandal by Patricia Cabot


(Reissued January 2015)
The Christmas Captive by Patricia Cabot


(A novella in the December 2000 romance anthology from Pocket Books, titled A SEASON IN THE HIGHLANDS)
Lady of Skye by Patricia Cabot


(January 2001)
Educating Caroline by Patricia Cabot


(November 2001)
The Mediator: Remembrance by Meg Cabot


(May 2002)
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