About the Book

Allie plans on having the best weekend ever when she finds out her best friend Erica's sister Missy is in the regional Twirltacular baton competition. She's going with all her friends...

...until Allie's mom announces that Allie has to go to Brittany Hauser's birthday party instead!

But Allie doesn't even like Brittany Hauser, and she doesn't want to go to a party with Brittany and all her snobby friends...

But when Allie finds out Brittany's party includes taking a stretch limo to Glitterati—the store where you get to dress up like a superstar, model, or teen vampire, and get your photo taken on a real live runway!—as well as spend the night at a deluxe hotel suite in the city, Allie decides maybe Brittany's not so bad after all.

Allie doesn't want to miss Missy's grand performance at the Twirltacular.

But she's always wanted to ride in a limo!

How can Allie explain to her best friends that she's decided to go to Brittany's party instead of Missy's competition? Will her little white lie blow up in her face?

And when everything about Brittany's party goes wrong, will Allie break all the rules to do what she knows is right?

Publication Information

  • Scholastic, Inc. (US), published in hardcover March 2010
    (Trade paperback edition published March 2011)
  • Brazil: Distribuidora Record
  • Germany: Bertelsmann
  • Hungary: Cicero
  • Japan: Kawade Shobo Shinsha
  • Sweden: Tiden
  • United Kingdom: Macmillan; UK title, GLITTER GIRLS


In this typically funny and age-appropriate entry in the series, Allie is thrilled about her plan to attend a twirling competition with her best friends. That is, until she finds out that "frenemy" Brittany is having a glamorous birthday party the same day. Allie has the chance to ride in a limo to the city, have her photo taken at a famous kids'- party venue, and stay overnight at a fancy hotel. Who wouldn't pass that up? So she pretends her mom is making her go to the party. Unfortunately, Brittany is spoiled and bossy-forcing Allie to dress up like a pirate at Glitterati even though all the other girls choose their own outfits. Brittany also fails to appreciate Allie's gift: a copy of her favorite book. Though she tries to make the best of it, Allie realizes that having her true friends by her side is what's most important. She escapes the disastrous party with aplomb, a little mischief (in a cheer-worthy moment, she steals her gift back), and the help of some weary but sympathetic adults. It's a gentle way to learn that you should "always be true to your friends, just as you are to yourself." Unlike some of Allie's more restrictive rules, such as "never eat anything red," that's a rule to live by.

Horn Book
May/June 2010