About the Book

Room 209 is putting on a play for the Pine Heights Elementary School Spring Open House, and almost all the girls in Allie's class want the lead role, Princess Penelope...including Allie. Allie just knows her life is going to be ruined if she doesn't win the part...and it's especially going to be ruined if prissy Cheyenne gets it instead of her!

Fortunately Allie has a few tricks up her sleeve to guarantee her winning the role, including her mom's new job as film critic on the local cable show GOOD NEWS! (Mrs. Finkle is a Hollywood insider...well, practically), and Uncle Jay's secret past as a theater major (he's turned into Allie's drama coach). Both facts should help rocket Allie to instant stardom.

But what happens when Allie finds out one of her best friends, Sophie, wants the part of Princess Penelope even more than she does? And that everyone thinks Sophie would make a better princess than Allie? How can Allie stay friends with Sophie and still go after her dream?

Allie's going to need to make up a lot of rules if she's going to make it through this one!

Publication Information

  • Scholastic, Inc. (US), published in hardcover September 2009
    (Trade paperback edition published September 2010)
  • Brazil: Distribuidora Record
  • Finland: WSOY
  • France: Hachette Jeunesse
  • Germany: Bertelsmann
  • Hungary: Cicero
  • Japan: Kawade Shobo Shinsha
  • Poland: Amber Publishing
  • Sweden: Tiden
  • United Kingdom: Macmillan