About the Book

Allie Finkle is excited when a new girl, who comes all the way from Canada, joins her class at Pine Heights Elementary. Now Allie won't be the new girl anymore!

But her excitement turns to dismay when this new girl, Cheyenne, starts telling everyone in the fourth grade what to do! Soon Cheyenne has everyone, including Allie's best friends, Caroline, Sophie, and Erica, believing that if they don't do what she says, they'll be what Cheyenne accuses them of being�big babies!

Hardcover � 0-545-04043-4 �


  • Placed in the Top Ten on the Spring 2009 Kid's Indie Next List as an "Inspired Recommendation for Kids from Indie Booksellers"

Publication Information

  • Scholastic, Inc. (US), published in hardcover March 2009
    (Trade paperback edition published March 2010)
  • Brazil: Distribuidora Record
  • Czech Republic: Euromedia Group/Bertelsmann
  • Denmark: Carlsen
  • Finland: WSOY
  • France: Hachette Jeunesse
  • Germany: Bertelsmann
  • Hungary: Cicero
  • Japan: Kawade Shobo Shinsha
  • Poland: Amber Publishing
  • Sweden: Tiden
  • United Kingdom: Macmillan

"Friendship and loyalty carry the day in this spirited third title of Cabot's Rules-for-Girls series (The New Girl, 2008, etc.). Hilarious and touching, the author addresses preteen agony by rendering boys and girls alike in a three-dimensional light, even Allie's pesky younger brothers and her quirky young Uncle Jay, who suffers from a broken heart. A pleaser." — Kirkus