Blogger Reviews

Thanks to all of these bloggers for their reviews of Abandon!

Midnight Book Thief
"Is there really any doubt that I would give this book any less than 5 stars? I adored this book. I devoured it as soon as I could. I am a HUGE Cabot fan (and I have the bookshelf to prove it!)- she was my first favorite YA author- so I had totally high expectations for this book. She surpassed them."

Mrs. Jensen's Book Reviews
"I give this book an A+. I have always been a fan of Meg Cabot and after reading this book, I have to say this was her best!"

Forever Young Adult
"The dialogue was as fresh and sharp as ever, and Pierce�s inner thoughts still made me laugh out loud, but the narrative itself takes quite a few twists and turns. And I loved it."

The Books Heist (blog) Feb 20, 2011
"This tantalizing prose of a story is, in my opinion, Meg Cabot's best YA novel yet."

Book Whisperer
"Abandon was a mixture of romance and fantasy that will satisfy both fan bases without question. With such an inventive storyline readers can savor the originality of this story in such a rapidly growing genre."

The Compulsive Reader
"The mixture of the history of the island, its traditions, John's presence in Pierce's new life, and the lurking danger to them both is alluring and edgy, which results in a twisting, gut-wrenching ending you won't see coming. Abandon is a dangerous, emotional, and absorbing start to what's bound to be another winning trilogy."

YA Crush
"I really enjoyed Abandon�Cabot's lighthearted way of sharing her protagonist's thoughts were a grounding force that kept the story from feeling in any way morbid. The effect is just right: a mysterious and kind of creepy tone that manages to be fun. And since the myth of Persephone is so fascinating in and of itself, I loved seeing it translated into a YA storyline with a creative spin, instead of merely being a modern retelling of the same old tale. You don't have to be and expert in Greek mythology to follow it, and yet the more detail you understand, the more you can appreciate her twists on it."

"It�s a fun read with a novel premise that will appeal to fantasy fans looking for something beyond vampires, zombies and fairies."

Queen of Reading
"This story is an update of Greek Mythology and it instantly grabbed me. Every mystery kept me wanting more! It was a fantastic read and I hope that everyone buys it!"

The Story Siren
"Great characters, awesome story.... and one hot/dangerous/mysterious guy... oh, John, I'm hoping I get to see a lot more of you in book two!"

Kate: ". . . the perfect balance of a little bit tragic, a little bit mysterious, a little bit funny, and a lot bit good to read."

Caitlin: "....It was nice to see the love interest of YA paranormal romance be so flawed. I cannot wait for the rest of this series to see where (John) and Pierce grow, together or apart."