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Summer Reading 2022

I can’t believe it’s summer already!

Normally this time of year I would be hard at work doing PR for whatever new book I had coming out.

But for a lot of reasons (helped my mom move; got a new cat; got distracted by Stranger Things 4), my newest book won’t be out until Spring 2023 (title TBA in Fall 2022).

So this summer I’m kicking back and . . .

…unionizing the hoes (i.e. organize the list of names of men in your area to stay away from because they’re not gentlemen) as rights that I grew up with and thought were constitutionally assured (such as: the separation of church and state and my own bodily autonomy) are slowly being stripped away by the Supreme Court here in the US.

HA HA JUST KIDDING. Of course I’m doing that AND donating to political candidates who support women’s and gay rights as well as the ACLU, Southern Poverty Law Center, and of course the National Network of Abortion Funds.

All that AND practicing self-care by taking lots of breaks from the news, talking to friends and family, and READING, which I hope you’re doing as well.

Especially reading romance, because romantic fiction is EXACTLY what we need right now in our lives. Because while I DO NOT feel hopeless about the situation we’re in now in the world/US – I think there’s lots to feel hopeful about if we all work together and try to understand one another’s different opinions (and VOTE, of course) – I do think one way we can do that is by listening to one another, but also develop more empathy (and de-stress) by READING.

I personally prefer to read books with happy endings, so here’s a small sample of what’s on my bedside table (actually what’s by the side of my pool because that’s where I read):

Addison Fox’s The Cowboy Says Yes where a gourmet chef reconnects with her cowboy ex?

Um, yes, please.

Alexis Hall’s Husband Material, the sequel to 2020’s monster smash hit Boyfriend Material?

A thousand times yes.

Bolu Babalola’s Honey & Spice where British university students swear a lot and have even more sex (and eventually find love)?

You bet.

Lorraine Heath’s The Return of the Duke as “the dashing son of a disgraced duke teams up with a sultry beauty to thwart

an assassination attempt against Queen Victoria”? Jolly good.

Shirlene Obuobi’s On Rotation where a Ghanaian-American med student juggles her career, social, family, and love life in Chicago?

Sign me up.

Julie Tieu’s Circling Back to You where pining co-workers go on a “business trip” that takes them to their “hometown”?

(Quotation marks mine but “YEAH”!)

There are a lot more great books that have come out/will be coming out but that’s all I have time to list right now since I have to get back to practicing self-care. In the meantime I hope all of you are taking care of yourselves. Don’t forget:

The above says we’re going to be OK. Stop laughing, I just found that function in Edit. I will now go back to reading/writing and not trying to edit photos.

More later.

Much Love,