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New Pub Date for No Words!

By now you’re probably used to hearing about how “supply chain disruptions” due to Covid are causing delays in getting goods into the hands of us consumers.

Well, now one of those delays has hit the publishing industry!

So my new book for adult readers, No Words, which was supposed to come out on September 28, now won’t be released until October 12.

But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing! It’s kind of a good thing. Why?

Because it means that if you haven’t pre-ordered your signed copy (or signed up to join me for a virtual event celebrating the book’s release), you still have time! You have until September 19 to order copies from “indie darling” Schuler Books in Michigan, and even longer than that to order from “Judy Blume’s bookstore” Books and Books Key West!


^^^Judy behind the counter at Books and Books (in the days before masks)^^^

If you already ordered your copy, no need to worry, or do anything at all! Your book will simply arrive on Oct 12 (or so) instead of September 28. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the retailer with whom you placed your order.

But if you haven’t ordered your copy yet, you should probably do so ASAP. In fact, due to the publishing delays, if you’re planning on giving books for the holidays, I’d advise doing your holiday shopping NOW. Whether you’re giving signed books or really ANY printed material, buy now because of the printing and shipping delays, which are going to put the delivery of some (possibly all) books behind.

If you’d like to give the gift of signed Meg Cabot books for the holidays, click here. (You can do a search for specific titles.) Jot down the names and message you’d like personalized in the “comments” section of your order. If you just want them signed, you can write that in the comment section, too. If you want me to sign some other author’s book, hey, go ahead. I’ve been asked before. It’s a pandemic. Who even cares? I certainly won’t tell.

Important question my mom keeps asking: Where exactly ARE the books? (Because when I first heard about this, I thought the books had fallen off a shipping container and were sitting at the bottom of the ocean, and that fish might be reading them.)


It’s my understanding that there is a huge jam at the printer (I get jams on my printer all the time, but this one is different). There are actually less printing houses than there used to be due to the pandemic. Also, there are less truck drivers to physically deliver the books when they get printed. And yes, some of the books are being held up at ports.

Anyway, if you’re wondering what No Words is about, it’s about:

*Two literary rivals*

*Stuck together at a book festival*

*On a tropical island*

*Kissing, drinking margaritas, and

arguing about literature, shooting stars, cheerleaders, and the merits of essential oils*

Here is an excerpt!

What inspired me to write No Words? I was missing book festivals after Covid-19 caused so many of them to be canceled! I had a whole bunch of events lined up to celebrate the launch of this book, but now because of the DELTA variant (and the book’s pub date being pushed back), some of them have been canceled, and others rescheduled.

I’d love it if you could join me for the ones I know for sure (so far) are happening. Since they’re all virtual, there’s a good chance you can make it! Here’s what we’ve got (so far) that’s open to the public. I’ll post more as soon as I have them confirmed:


7:00 PM Tuesday, October 12

In Conversation with the fabulous Maureen Lenker of Entertainment Weekly

Event courtesy of Books-A-Million

Register here


7:00 PM Wednesday, October 13 

In Conversation with the beloved Jen DeLuca, author of Well Matched 

Free virtual event at One More Page Books


1:00 PM Thursday, October 14

In Conversation with the amazing Stephanie Sayfie Aagaarde

Free Virtual event presented by Books and Books and the Miami Book Fair



I know from social media that for many of you, this pandemic has been one long depressing slog that only seems to be getting worse, not better. We stayed home, we masked, and finally got vaccines, and now they don’t even seem to work.

But they ARE working. The people who are getting sick are much less sick than they would have been if they hadn’t gotten the vaccine. And the numbers of severely sick amongst the vaccinated are much less than amongst the unvaccinated.

Still, I couldn’t agree more that 2021 has been a bit of a suckfest.

People keep asking me what they can do to fight their depression – which is ironic, considering the fact *I* am the one who lives in Florida (literally the worst state in all of the US for Covid deaths) AND my beloved cat just died.

But it’s true I’m a cock-eyed optimist, and I think the reason is because . . . I read books.

And not just romance, but all kinds of books: mysteries, thrillers, non-fiction, spy novels, children’s books, science fiction, historical fiction, whatever is around.

I’m sure you know by now that multiple studies have shown that people who read books are more empathetic than non-readers . . . but did you also know that reading books improves brain health? That readers have longer attention spans, are more patient, and feel more connected to their community than non-readers?

All of which leads to readers being less depressed. How much less depressed? One UK survey found that people who read for just 20 minutes a week were 20% happier with their lives.

So the next time any of your friends or relatives says “I’m so depressed,” suggest that they read a book.

And then when they follow up with “But I don’t have the attention span to read a book” (because they will), tell them what I do: “There is a magical cure for what ails you.”

Because there is. And the cure is: READING A BOOK. Reading a book will improve their attention span, give them more patience, and help them to feel less depressed – YES, even during this very depressing time during which we’re living!

Because losing yourself in a good book is simply the best, most relaxing way to spend an afternoon, evening, any minute of the day.

Stay tuned for more updates about MY new book as I get them! And in the meantime . . . read more books!

More later.

Much love,


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