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20 Questions about the 20th Anniversary of The Princess Diaries

I can’t believe it’s been 20 years since the premiere of the first Princess Diaries movie!

August 2001 was such a simpler time. We were all so young and innocent (some of you reading this were so young, you might not have even been born)!

We didn’t have smart phones, and social media (at least as we know it today) didn’t exist.

No one had the faintest notion that a little over a month after the movie’s premiere, we’d be dealing with 9/11 – or that twenty years later, we’d be facing a global pandemic.

So let’s go back for a moment to that gentler, pre-pandemic, pre-9/11 era. Here are some answers to the questions I’ve been getting lately about The Princess Diaries (as well as other books and events happening in my world, Genovia, and beyond):

1. What was it like to have your book made into a movie starring Julie Andrews and Anne Hathaway?

Amazing. You can read all about how the book became a movie (did you know Whitney Houston was one of the producers?) here in this tell-all article from Cosmo, which includes info about the casting, why the film is a little different from the books, and why I was OK with that.

2. Can you tell us any hot gossip from the film sets?

Like how the scene where Anne Hathaway/Mia fell off the bleachers wasn’t scripted, and Fat Louie was played by four different cats? There are even more juicy secrets here.

3. What’s your favorite song from the soundtrack?

Honestly, I love them all, but Supergirl does immediately spring to mind. I love this MTV.com article about the crafting of the films’ soundtracks.

4. Is there going to be a third movie?

Everybody, including the cast, wants one. We just need to get the right script and also get rid of Covid so as not to endanger the life of Dame Julie Andrews.

5. What about a spin-off featuring Mia’s little sister Olivia from the middle grade series, From the Notebooks of a Middle Grade Princess?

That is also entirely possible.


6. What is happening with The Mediator Netflix movie?

Contracts are all signed. Just waiting on things like Covid and the writer/producers/directors to finish up with their current projects.

7. Speaking of current projects, do you have any?

I have a lot! They’re mostly secret for now. What I CAN tell you about are the 20th anniversary editions of the first three books in The Princess Diaries series, all in stores now, with brand new covers (and beautifully illustrated stepbacks).

If you’d like personalized or autographed copies of these (or any of my books), order them from what I like to call “Judy Blume’s bookstore” (she really does work there!), Books and Books in Key West. Just indicate in the comment section of your order form (or you can also always call the store if that’s easier for you than ordering online) that you’d like the books signed and/or personalized, and we’ll get that taken care of and delivered to you in no time!

8. Is it true that The Princess Diaries was named one of the 100 Best YA Books of all time by Time Magazine?

Yes, it’s true! You can read about it here. I’m so honored to have a book on a list with so many other great YAs by such amazing writers.

9. Is it true that you have new books in the Allie Finkle series, but they’re only published in France?

Yes, this is true! Allie Finkle (known as Allie Punchie in France) has gone to fifth grade; Paris; and summer camp in these beautifully illustrated additional French editions to the Allie Finkle series.


10. But will English speaking readers ever get to read these books without having to learn French first?

Hopefully someday!

11. Do you have any new books coming out soon in the United States in the meantime?

Of course I do! Look for NO WORDS, an adult stand alone rom-com that will be available September 28, 2021! It’s the third book in my Little Bridge Island series.

12. What’s NO WORDS about?

  • Bestselling literary rivals
  • Stuck together on the same island
  • Doing panels at a book festival
  • Expect: Arguing, margaritas, shooting stars, kissing

13. But do I have to have read the other books in this series to know what’s going?

Not at all.

14. Where can I read an excerpt to see if I like it?

Right here.

15. What are people who’ve already NO WORDS saying about it?

“…witty prose, an entertaining cast of diverse characters, and a romance that’s enchanting…”  – Publishers Weekly

“This third trip to Little Bridge puts Cabot’s trademark wit and vibrant characters on full display. The charming small-town setting, intriguing hate-to-love romance, and authentic look behind the scenes of a literary get-together make for a winning combination. This frothy, made-for-summer read earns its place poolside.” – Kirkus

No Words is a September 2021 LibraryReads Hall of Fame pick!

16. Where can I buy signed copies?

As always, indie bookstore Schuler Books is accepting pre-orders! Place your order by 8/18/21, and your book will ship pub week (9/28/21)!

You can also order from Books and Books Key West!

17.  Is there an audio version I can listen to in my car/while I’m doing laundry?

There absolutely is, read by the amazing Piper Goodeve.

18. What if I want to see you on tour?

The book tour for No Words is shaping up now! Check this page for both online and in person events. *Due to the Delta variant, in-person events may have to be re-scheduled/go virtual if deemed necessary by Dr. Fauci, aka my mom’s would-be boyfriend.*

18 1/2. What if I want to watch you on TV?

You can see me on PBS’s Between The Covers here!

19. I’ve never read a Meg Cabot book before. I have no idea what I’m even doing on this blog. Where should I start?

Here’s a good guide.

19 1/2. I’ve read all your books. Do you have any other people’s books to recommend?

So many! But for now why not start with the ones I recommended on NPR the other day?

20. All of the above is fine and good, but you’re not answering the only thing I care about: Are there going to be anymore Princess Diaries books? Are you at least going to finish the Corona Princess Diaries that you started on this blog (and that I really need to read more of now that I’m feeling so depressed about this seemingly never ending pandemic and the state of the world in general)? 



More later.

Much love,


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