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New Book and New Normal

It’s beginning to look as if many of us are journeying out of the darkness . . .

And into the light!

Spring is here at last, and so many good things are happening:

Here in the US, we’re entering a new normal…

(Part of entering the new normal is remembering not to wear see-through shirts in public.)

…and learning to re-enter society!

Since I last posted here, I celebrated my 28th wedding anniversary (He Who Shall Not Be Named in This Blog and I eloped in Italy on April 1,1993) in an actual restaurant (outdoors of course)!

(If you’d like to read a fictionalized account of our wedding, grab a copy of Every Boy’s Got One)

Aaaaaand I turned in No Words, the third book of the Little Bridge Island series! Here’s the official cover. I love it!

Click here to see a larger version and read a synopsis!

I talked here to the fabulous Maureen Lenker at Entertainment Weekly about it.

The inspiration for No Words (which is about two authors **who can’t stand each other** trapped at a book festival together) was missing book festivals during this pandemic. Since we didn’t get to go to any book-related events this year (except virtually), I wanted to write about one.

So I did!

No Words will be out at the end of September 2021. I don’t know if we’ll be back to doing in-person events by then, but I hope so. Otherwise, I’ll see you at some virtual events!

What else is happening? Well, I’ve been getting lots of exciting looks at the script for the Mediator movie that’s been optioned by Netflix!

For those unfamiliar with the Mediator series, it revolves around sixteen-year-old Suze, who has the ability to see ghosts (and mediate between them and the living).

The script closely follows Shadowland, the first book in the series …except for a few things, since a lot has changed since the year 2000, when Shadowland was first published!

Nothing has changed, however, for Jesse, the guy Suze slowly develops feelings for during the course of the series. That’s because Jesse died in 1850 and has been rooted to the same spot (which just happens to be Suze’s new bedroom) ever since.

I feel like In a way, we’re all a little like Jesse right now: Not that we died in 1850, but that we’ve been cooped up in the gloom for a really long time, and someone’s finally come along, thrown open all the windows, and let the light back in.

I know some of us are more ready for this than others. I personally have a lot of questions. Now that I’m vaccinated:

  • Is it okay to hug people I haven’t seen in a long time?
  • What if they’re not vaccinated?
  • What if we’re both wearing masks?
  • What if we’re standing outside?
  • What if one of us has just been on a plane?
  • Do I have fatty liver disease from drinking so much wine during the pandemic?
  • When exactly are we getting the second half of Lupin?
  • How does SNL know so much about me?
  • Why is Bucky kind of hot when he’s the Winter Soldier as opposed to when he’s normal Bucky even though we know he’s mentally tortured and we should all hope he gets help for his PTSD and finds a nice peaceful job as a barista somewhere on the Oregon coastline and takes up surfing?

These are things that are so confusing, they make me want to continue to sit on my couch and stream endless amounts of murder/cult shows rather than deal with them.

But we have to deal with them because knowing the answers will make us stronger (except for maybe the last one). It’s always better to go out into the light than sit in the gloom.

So I hope you’re busy trying to find what light you can, and getting out into it. In the meantime, know that I am right there with you (spiritually. I’m not stalking you. Probably).

More later.

Much love,