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Princess Diaries 20th Anniversary Edition

Let’s face it: 2020 has been the worst.


But there is one bright spot in a year that has otherwise officially sucked: 2020 marks the 20thanniversary of the release of The Princess Diaries Volume I!


And to celebrate, Harper Collins is re-issuing the first three volumes in the series with all new covers, stepbacks, and edits by me!



But don’t worry: Mia and her friends still live in New York City in the late 90s/early 2000s, with only dial-up access to the Internet and no knowledge of things like Uber (or Covid-19). Mia’s biggest worries are still passing Algebra, her mother dating her teacher, and what to wear to the Cultural Diversity Dance (oh, and preparing to rule a country someday).


A lot has happened since then. But through it all, we’ve stuck together.


That’s why I hope you’ll help me celebrate this momentous occasion by spreading the word about Harper’s new re-release of The Princess Diaries, a story which I feel is more timely than ever. Because in a world that lately seems lacking in civility, I think stories about royals are exactly what we need – not the spoiled “My daddy has money so do what I say” kind, but “The fighting for the underdog” kind – like Mia does when she defends her friend Tina Hakim Baba against a bully, or the “Loving our wayward family members even when they do things that drive us nuts” kind, like Mia does every single day when it comes to her grandmother.


Because that’s what being a true role model is all about: Using your hidden strengths and talents to do the right thing, even when the odds against you seem insurmountable.


And the more people willing to use their inner royal powers for good, the better the world will be.  To me, that would be the happiest ending of all.


I feel like stories like The Princess Diaries are more important now than they’ve ever been before, because they offer something we’ve been running dangerously short of lately:




That’s why I want to thank you so much in advance for helping me celebrate The Princess Diaries 20thanniversary by introducing this new middle grade repackaging of the books to the next generation! I feel hopeful it’s going to make a difference.


And as her official royal biographer, I just know Mia Thermopolis would approve.


You can pre-order copies of the newly made over Princess Diaries wherever books are sold, or try here. They will be on sale everywhere October 27. THANK YOU!


More later.


Much love,



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