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Corona Princess Diaries – Day 1

Coming in March 2023

From the desk of Princess Amelia “Mia” Mignonette Thermopolis Moscovitz Renaldo (and her royal biographer, Meg Cabot) as well as Avon Books, comes the book so many have been waiting for!

During the Covid-19 pandemic, a section of the diary of Princess Mia Thermopolis of Genovia fell into the hands of Meg Cabot, the Princess’s royal biographer.

As reported in media outlets such as Entertainment Weekly, The Mary Sue, Refinery 29, Bustle, and more, from March until June of 2020, sixteen entries of the princess’s diary were leaked by Ms. Cabot onto her blog, to the delight of over a million fans. Since then, readers have been clamoring for more of Mia’s coronavirus diary . . . and in March of 2023, their wish will be granted:

The Quarantine Princess Diaries is 300+ pages of not only Mia’s previously released entries (now edited and updated with completely new content), but more than two hundred MORE pages of entirely original, never-before-seen entries. 

Get ready to read about Princess Mia’s most heartfelt emotions while dealing with her personal (and political) battles while imposing health restrictions on her small European nation; life during lockdown (even in as idyllic a location such as a palace on the Riviera); a suspected royal affair; the invention (and implementation) of a vaccine by Michael Moscovitz (that could change the course of the pandemic – or at least the lives of every citizen in Genovia); and one very demanding royal grandmother.

Even better, Meg Cabot is partnering with real life human rights activist and royal Princess Mabel van Oranje of the Netherlands and founder of VOW for Girls, since they, like Princess Mia, share the same vision: a world where someday no child is ever a bride. With the purchase of this book, you can help raise funds to end child marriage in our lifetime.

Pre-order The Quarantine Princess Diaries now!

After all we’ve been through, what could be more comforting for any lover of royal romance than snuggling up with a brand new installment of the diary of the princess who started it all? Look for it in March 2023!