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Happy Holidays! And some news

I can’t believe it’s already that time of year again.

But the proof is all around us, in the form of Christmas carols already being played in the shops, holiday decorations on homes that are better organized than mine, and of course the Hallmark Movie Channel already running Christmas movies non-stop (I even saw a weirdly campy one on UpTV called A Christmas Movie Christmas where two sisters got sucked into a Christmas movie. Mild hilarity ensued).

Anyway, since it’s the time of year to be thankful, I wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU to everyone who came out to see me (or hosted me!) during my No Judgments and Black Canary book tours!

I had the best time traveling all over the country talking about these books and getting to meet so many wonderful people, young and old, who, like me, LOVE TO READ!

Me at the Key West library with so many great kids (and librarians)!

Me at Comic Con with Cara McGee!

If I could find more pictures I would post them but I’m not that organized.

But now I’m back in Key West dealing with reality such as deadlines for my next book (more on that below) and HOLIDAY SHOPPING. Since I’m sure you have many of the same problems I wanted to remind you that my same offer from last year (and the year before that…and the year before that) still stands! I’m here to help you with your holiday gift-giving!

Just send a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) to my PO Box (address below), and I’ll return it to you filled with the autographed bookplates, bookmarks, and postcards pictured here (jewelry not included) absolutely free!

Send the SASE to:
Meg Cabot
P.O. Box 4904
Key West, FL 33041-4904

Simply indicate how many bookplates etc you’d like, and if you’d like them personalized. Be sure to send your SASE now (RIGHT NOW) so it can be sent back to you in time for the holidays, and so that you can then give the enclosed items to your friends/loved ones. The holiday elves at my house work very slowly!

If you want to be super fancy, I have also worked with Books and Books of Key West bookstore in the past to personalize actual books and get them to people, so I’m sure if you gave them a call, they would be okay with that, too.

For a guide on which of my books are appropriate for which age range, click here. But for the younger (and young at heart) readers in your life I would humbly recommend this very popular superhero graphic novel by myself and Cara McGee.

And of course THIS book is a very good pick for more mature readers:

But the really big news that I’m FINALLY able to announce is that in Summer 2020 HarperCollins will be releasing a brand new adult book in the Little Bridge Island series!  No Offense is already being hailed as “an ode to librarians who take care of business”!

Welcome to Little Bridge, one of the smallest, most beautiful islands in the Florida Keys, home to sandy white beaches, salt-rimmed margaritas, and stunning sunsets—a place where nothing goes under the radar and love has a way of sneaking up when least expected…

A broken engagement only gave Molly Montgomery additional incentive to follow her dream job from the Colorado Rockies to the Florida Keys. Now, as Little Bridge Island Public Library’s head of children’s services, Molly hopes the messiest thing in her life will be her sticky-note covered desk. But fate—in the form of a newborn left in the restroom—has other ideas. So does the sheriff who comes to investigate the “abandonment”. When John Hartwell folds all six-feet-three of himself into a tiny chair and insists that whoever left the baby is a criminal, Molly begs to differ and asks what he’s doing about the Island’s real crime wave (if thefts of items from homes that have been left unlocked could be called that). Not the best of starts, but the man’s arrogance is almost as distracting as his blue eyes. Almost…

John would be pretty irritated if one of his deputies had a desk as disorderly as Molly’s. Good thing she doesn’t work for him, considering how attracted he is to her. Molly’s lilting librarian voice makes even the saltiest remarks go down sweeter, which is bad as long as she’s a witness but might be good once the case is solved—provided he hasn’t gotten on her last nerve by then. Recently divorced, John has been having trouble adjusting to single life as well as single parenthood. But something in Molly’s beautiful smile gives John hope that his old life on Little Bridge might suddenly hold new promise—if only they can get over their differences.

“Clever, hilarious, and fun, No Offense will tug at readers’ heartstrings and make them fall in love with Little Bridge Island and its unique characters once again.”

Click here to read an EXCLUSIVE and very short excerpt from No Offense. 

(PS For those of you who read No Judgments and saw the sneak peek of a book called The Sheriff and the Librarian in the back, YES THIS IS THE EXACT SAME BOOK, just a different title.)

Okay, well, that is only the beginning of all the good news I hope to bring you in 2020 (yes, there is more to come, but you know authors aren’t allowed to announce anything themselves until official notice has been given)!

I hope this holiday season brings YOU good news, as well, in addition to joy and happiness…and no being sucked into a Christmas movie because honestly I think that would really stink.

More later.

Much love,