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New Look, New Book!

Hi! If this isn’t your first time visiting my site, you might be noticing it’s got a new look! I decided to update things a little, and Janey, my longtime friend and site admin, plus her team, have done an AMAZING job.

(No, I didn’t do this all myself. I don’t even know how to do my own nails. I’d never try to design my own website!)

One of the reasons I wanted to give the site an update is because I’m going to be trying some new things creatively in the next few months/years. You already know I’ve got a book coming out on August 7–the fourth and final (so far) book in the Notebooks of a Middle School Princess series featuring Princess Olivia (and of course Princess Mia Thermopolis, Michael Moscovitz, Grandmere, and the rest of the gang in Genovia), Royal Crown:

But I’ve also got a new graphic novel from DC Comics, Black Canary: Ignite, featuring art by the amazing Cara McGee, coming in October 2019.

But I’ve ALSO got some new books for adult readers (adult in chronological years, but still young at heart) coming out soonish, though I’m not yet at liberty to discuss them.

And those books are so fresh and new, they really need a clean, modern palette on which to introduce them….something I’ll be doing soon!

So please take some time to look around. If you’re a longtime visitor, you’ll find that many things have stayed (relatively) the same, but we’re trying some new things as well. If you’re new, I hope you’ll quickly feel at home. Let us know how you think things are working, or if there’s anything you notice that we might have missed (and keep in mind…this is still a work in progress)!

In the meantime, I’ll be posting updated tour info for Royal Crown, as well as other tantalizing news (including possible new movie/TV news) soon! I don’t like to jinx things by saying stuff before it’s 100%. Uh, also, people yell at me.

Until then, hope your summer is going swimmingly….


More later.

Much love,