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DC Comics, Black Canary and Me!

Black Canary

I’ve been keeping a secret for months – which has been SO HARD! You know I love gossip and even more, I LOVE TALKING!

Well, now I can finally tell you all about it!

DC Comics, the home of Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman, will be creating two imprints for Young Readers! DC Ink will be for YA readers and DC Zoom will target middle-grade readers from 7-15 years old. I’ve been invited to author a graphic novel featuring the character Black Canary for DC Zoom (when I say invited, I mean I campaigned for this project for months. I LOVE BLACK CANARY, and I wanted her to have her own book for younger readers).

You may be familiar with Black Canary from the CW show Arrow. In my book, Black Canary Ignite, you’ll get to meet teenage Dinah Lance as she first discovers her powers, and then her place in the world of Gotham City.


I can’t divulge any more details about Black Canary Ignite but I can tell you that the reason I love Dinah so much is because I’ve always felt she’s a bit like me – really loud, usually breaking stuff, but with a huge, huge heart.

Can you imagine poor Dinah in middle school, before she learned to control her powers? Trying out for the cheerleading team? Or CHOIR???? I was told by my middle school principal that I was the loudest student IN THE WHOLE SCHOOL.

If this happened to me, what do you think happens to poor Dinah???

Black Canary Ignite doesn’t have a publication date yet. While you wait, lovers of manga should check out the sequels I did to Avalon High which tell the story of King Arthur reincarnated as a high school student (as graphic novels). Middle Grade readers will enjoy From the Notebooks of a Middle School Princess, a Princess Diaries series which I wrote and illustrated! (I will NOT be illustrating Black Canary Ignite! Another artist will be doing this!)

I’ll be at ALA Midwinter at the following events talking about Black Canary and joining the #DCFamily!

February 9, 2018

February 10, 2018

  • Pop Top Stage, Middle of aisle 600 (2PM-2:50PM MT)
  • Book Buzz Theater Exhibit Hall (4PM-4:45PM MT)

Stay tuned for details about my collaboration with DC Zoom on Facebook and Twitter as well as announcements of more upcoming books for ADULT READERS!

As always, thanks for reading – YOU GUYS ROCK!

More later.

Much love,