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Back to Genovia!

Greetings! Royal Wedding Disaster, the second book in my new series for middle grade readers, is almost here, and I’m SO EXCITED about it.


And it’s not just because once again, I wrote and illustrated it myself, or because Book #1 is going to be out in paperback at the same time (May 10). No, there’s more.

Much more.

But first I have to fill you in on everything else that’s been going on, in chronological order (I know this would be much easier if I just posted more often, but I’m much too lazy busy for that):

OK so I had such an amazing time visiting with so many of you at my signings last month in SoFlo (including hanging out with tons of fun authors who like to drink wine as much as I do  such as Debbie Macomber and Meg Medina, with whom I plotted about how we’re going to switch name tags at future events. No one will figure it out!).


And then I got back and a lot people were talking about how they are making a Princess Diaries 3 movie (maybe).


While I agree this would be amazing (although I have not given up my dream of a Princess Diaries musical. COME ON PEOPLE, THEY DID IT FOR LEGALLY BLONDE), we need to give Anne Hathaway time off to enjoy being a new mom, and of course think of an amazing subplot for Heather Matarazzo (which shouldn’t be hard since she’s awesome).


But just because we don’t have a movie right now doesn’t mean we can’t take a trip to Genovia (I don’t mean literally, though of course Genovian tourist agents are always standing by to take your reservations).



I’ve got TWO new stories set in Genovia coming out in less than a month!

So we can go there in our minds.

In From the Notebooks of a Middle School Princess #1-1/2: ROYAL DAY OUT, Grandmére and Olivia take the royal limo to downtown Genovia in search of a gift suitable enough for a certain bride-to-be. Will they be successful? Find out in:



This free e-short will be available online everywhere on May 10, 2016!

Yes! You read that correctly! This 30 page novella (set between Books 1 and 2 of the Princess Olivia series) is ABSOLUTELY FREE.


As her sister Mia’s wedding day gets closer and closer, a LOT of things seem to be going wrong. Can Olivia keep her sister Mia’s royal wedding from becoming a royal disaster? (Plus do well at the Royal Genovian Academy AND handle Genovian means girls, her first prince(s) and being visited by her best friend?)

Find out in From the Notebooks of a Middle School Princess #2: ROYAL WEDDING DISASTER



This full-length illustrated novel for readers 6 and up will be available as an e-book and in print in the US and Canada on May 10, 2016!


ALSO on May 10, 2016, From the Notebooks of a Middle School Princess, Book #1 will be available for the first time ever in paperback!


Image 15

Oh my God, I am super tired now. Also it would be nice if every time I wrote Genovian, my computer wouldn’t change it to Genevan. HELLO. Stop.



So, also I will be on my Royal Wedding Disaster Day Tour, speaking and signing copies of ALL of the books! (Well, not Royal Day Out. I don’t know how you sign copies of an e-book.  I guess I could sign people’s e-readers and phones. In fact I will be HAPPY to).


If you’re interested in dropping by to hear me read from any of these books or tell amusing anecdotes about the vagaries of my life, here’s where I’ll be (barring unforeseen circumstances) starting as soon as NEXT WEEK (OMG NEXT WEEK??? FOR REAL??? I need to go shopping):


Twitter, The Internet

Meg will be chatting with @PWKidsBookshelf

Time: 3:00 PM EST

Use the hashtag #PWChat and stop by to ask me stuff. I’m sure I’ll have learned to use Twitter properly by then.



New York, NY – 92nd Street Y

Lexington Avenue at 92nd St

Venue: Warburg Lounge

Time: 7:00 PM

Price: from $22.00

Ticket does not include book; B&N will be selling books




Wellesley, MA – Wellesley Books

82 Central Street

Wellesley, MA 02482

(781) 431-1160

Time: 7:00PM




Chicago, IL – Book Expo America

McCormick Place

Ticketed signing

Time: 2PM-3PM





Arlington Heights, IL – Tuscan Market

141 W. Wing St

Arlington Heights, IL 60005


Time: 6:15PM

Price: $30/person, includes two books

(one new release + choice of ROYAL WEDDING, FROM THE NOTEBOOKS OF A MIDDLE SCHOOL PRINCESS, or REMEMBRANCE), wine or sparkling juice, hors d’oeuvres

Q&A, personalized signing, photo booth, guests in costume will be entered in a raffle

Portion of proceeds go to Metropolis Performing Arts Center





Chicago, IL – BookCon

West Building at McCormick Place

BookCon Panel, time TBA

Speaking with Sherman Alexie (THUNDER BOY JR.) & Kate DiCamillo (RAYMIE NIGHTINGALE), Signing to follow

“Guest Bookseller” at Macmillan booth, time TBA





Irving, TX – Irving County Library

South Irving Library Meeting Room #1

601 Schulze Dr.

Irving, TX 75060


Time: 3PM-6PM

Price: free, books will be available for purchase




OK so any mistakes above are mine and I sincerely apologize. I have been a haze since trying to get my latest adult book in by its deadline of April 1, which also happened to be my 23rd wedding anniversary!

Obviously I did not succeed (as if)! I missed it by several days, on which I blame the cat, who is quite elderly now and meows at nothing (all cats do this but this cat does it more than others, and at top volume, so I have to go see if she’s in mortal peril).

But she is not. It turns out she has dementia (for real – this was diagnosed by the vet).

But please do not worry about her. She’s fine, as you can see by the photographic evidence:


Sometimes, however, she gets lost (inside the house) and then we have to go find her and turn her around so she’s facing the right direction.

I wish I were joking.

But I did have an excellent anniversary, as you can see by this very shaky photo (shaky because I was shaking with joy over the fact that HWSNBNITB got me 2 dozen roses, one rose to represent each year of marriage with one to grow on, and then also made me his delicious and infamous gluten-free lemon pudding cake).




But once the cake was gone celebrating was over, I did get the book turned in, and am now happy to announce that I have a new book for adults coming out in October called The Boy is Back.

Although it’s listed as part of a series, it’s actually a stand alone novel (with all new characters in a brand new setting), but told in epistolary format, like my previous books The Boy Next Door and Boy Meets Girl (updated for modern readers, so it features emails, diary entries, text messages, and even some unfortunate – for the characters – gossip columns).


That’s all I can say about it for now – you’ll find out more closer to the release date!

Well, I really must go write and illustrate From the Notebooks of a Middle School Princess #3 now. Poor Olivia . . . the trials that girl’s grandmother (and aunt) put her through!

But perhaps I’ll just have a little more cake first while I watch Call the Midwife. . . .hope to cyber see you at the Twitter chat on Wednesday!


More later.

Much love,