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Spring Break and Book Signings!

Well, it’s March, which means a lot of different things  people.

To some, March means the beginning of spring, which means Spring Break (which of course to me will forever mean my Significant Objects short story about getting my wisdom teeth removed).

To others (okay, to He Who Shall Not Be Named In This Blog), March means college basketball season.


(HWSNBNITB wants you to know that the Indiana Hoosiers are this year’s Big 10 Men’s Champions.)

But for people in publishing, March is when “we crash a lot of books” (direct quote from my editor at HarperCollins).

Because March is when a lot of books are due, edited, come out, and book festivals (put on hold for winter) start up again.

I can attest to this because I’ve been working frantically to get the book I have due in, so I can enjoy all the book signings I have this month, AND respond to all the nice mail I’m getting about the books I have out, all while recovering from (and feeling thankful for) last month’s AMAZING book tour.

It was GREAT having a day named for me in Fort Lauderdale by the MAYOR!


As well as meeting so many of you!



And having a drink named after me!



So now I’m going to attempt to answer some of your many many questions before I plunge back into my attempt to make my deadline(s). I’m not sure it will work, but the important thing is that we tried, RIGHT?


Q: Meg, how much do tickets cost to go to your book signing this month in Fort Myers?

A: Nothing! The Southwest Florida Reading Festival is 100% FREE!

Come check it out:

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Fort Meyers, FL

South County Regional Library

Southwest Florida Reading Festival

Harborside Event Center & Centennial Park

1375 Monroe St,

Fort Myers, FL 33901


I will be doing two presentations, one at 10AM inside (check out the map when you get there. You’ll find me!) with a signing to follow,

and one on the Teen stage at 2:15 (outside), with a signing to follow.

(Sub question: What is the difference between your 2 presentations? Sub Answer: THE AUDIENCE.)


They will be selling books on site, but you can also bring a limit of 3 books from home. I’m sorry, but I cannot personalize books from home, only books bought at the site. (20% of $ from sales of books bought at the festival goes to help fund more book festivals like this one, which in turns promotes literacy, so you understand why this is important!)


Q: Is there some way that I could have a private lunch with you and two of my friends or relatives?

A: OMG it’s so weird that you asked that because there IS!!!

On Sunday March 20 in Fort Myers, the Southwest Book Festival is auctioning off a fancy lunch with me from 11:30-1:30! The funds go to raise money for literacy! All you have to do is go here and place a bid. You also get this gorgeous tote bag filled with autographed books by me!

(Complete Princess Diaries and Mediator series! Cat not included.)

We’re going to have so much fun!


Q: Aren’t you doing an event in Key West next week, too?

A: OMG I am! Thanks for mentioning it!

Monday, March 14, 2016
Key West, Florida
Friends of the Key West Library Lecture Series
Key West Theater
512 Eaton Street
Admission is free!!!!
Seating begins at 5:30 p.m. on a first-come, first-served basis


Hanging with Cassie and Jenna at the Key West Library!

Everyone should come to this, because I will be presenting a Power Point (YES I KNOW!!!!) that will include the FIRST EVER cover reveal for my new book, The Boy is Back, which will be out next October. What is the BOY IS BACK about?  HA HA COME TO THIS EVENT AND FIND OUT.

Q: Meg, when is Remembrance/Proposal coming out in the UK?

A: I’m happy to tell you that they’re BOTH available there now (and should be available in all UK territories, as well)! They’ll also be coming out in France, Brazil, and many other countries soon. I SWEAR.


Q: Meg, I don’t like e-books. Why can’t I read Proposal as a print book?

A: Lucky for you Proposal – my first ever stand alone adult novella (not in an anthology) — became available March 1 in print as well as an e-book! So if it’s not in a store near you, ask your local bookseller to order it for you.


Q: Will there be a sequel to Remembrance?

A: I definitely have some ideas for one. I had a story line for Gina that I was forced to remove from the original draft  of Remembrance because it made the book over 600 pages long, which is too long for someone like me who only likes to read print books in the pool or bathtub. So maybe I’ll return to that story line someday.


Q: Will there be more Heather Wells books?

A: I would love for there to be, and I have actually started working on one, but right now I’m contracted for more princess books!!!!


Q: Will there be more Princess Diaries books?

A: Most definitely! Look for the return of both Princess Mia and Prince Michael in May 2016 in From the Notebooks of a Middle School Princess #2, Royal Wedding Disaster.


And after this, there’ll be more adventures of Olivia and her friends (including Mia, Nishi, Michael, Snowball, Grandmere and possibly even a prince or two).




Back view of couple

Q: I can’t go to lunch on March 20, is there some other day we can hang out?

A: I would love to go to lunch EVERY DAY but I have to finish the book(s) I have due. Stay tuned to my Twitter and FB feed, and I’ll let you know when my schedule clears up!


Q: Are you worried about the zika virus?

A: I worry about it constantly every day.  Not for myself, but for everyone else affected by it. Just when you think things are as bad they can get, along comes something that hurts babies. You would think this would cause the media to go, “Okay, enough with THAT nonsense. Let’s concentrate on THIS so we can get it fixed.”

Let’s hope it works.


Q: What if I can’t be in Florida for Spring Break and won’t be able to see you?

A: No problem. I’ll be at Book Con in Chicago in May!


Q: Meg, what is going on with the government in Florida, denying climate change and now voting to defund Planned Parenthood, which provides vital health care to millions of women?

A: I have no idea. It’s so embarrassing. I live in Key West, which calls itself the Conch Republic. It seceded from the state (actually, from the entire country) once in 1982. I vote for doing it again.

CT22 Conch Republic


Q: What are YOU doing for Spring Break?

A: Writing books! Going to book signings!  And watching Madam Secretary, Walking Dead,  Broad City, Brooklyn 99, and about a million other shows, while also working out at StayFit here in KW – yes I have a trainer! – and trying to keep the cat from fighting every other cat within a 5 block radius.

Have an AMAZING spring, and see you soon (I hope)!!!

More later.

Much love,


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