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Brazil, Books, Paris, and Giving Thanks!

This has been the craziest fall so far here at Casa Cabot.

First of all, I just got back from Brazil, where they released Royal Wedding and a new version of The Princess Diaries with a brand new forward (by recently married Brazilian author Paula Pimento, who invited me to her wedding! How fofinha is she??)

It was so much fun to meet so many awesome readers like these:


And it was amazing to see copies of the newest Princess Diaries books on the shelves.


I visited a new city every day, but I didn’t have jet lag, because Brazil is one hour ahead of the US (except when it’s two hours ahead. Don’t ask).

My favorite part of Brazil is the people.  But I didn’t mind the dessert carts or caipirinhas, either!

Image 3 Image 2

Then I got home and a few days later my editor sent me what we all agreed would be the cover of Remembrance, the first adult book of the Mediator series (which will be out a couple of weeks earlier than planned…February 2, 2016)!


What I liked about this cover is explained here in this exclusive cover reveal from Cosmopolitan Magazine (where you’ll also find a sneak peek excerpt from Chapter One)!

We went through a LOT of covers for this book.  I can’t even tell you how many…but I liked each and every one of them. They just didn’t fit this particular book. I’m not going to show them to you because I really hope they get used for another book (that’s how much I liked them)!

But it took us so long to find the right cover that we missed the deadline for printing them on the Advanced Reader Copies, which arrived a few days after the cover reveal in Cosmo, looking like this:


If you can’t wait until February 2 to read Remembrance, you can enter for a chance to win an ARC here.

Right now, in an effort to avoid doing any work at all associated with Thanksgiving (He Who Shall Not Be Named In This Blog is the chef around here, not me!) I’m working on a Mediator e-novella called Proposal that will HOPEFULLY be available January 6, a month before Remembrance is available. It takes place a few years before the action in Remembrance.

I say “hopefully”  because I’m hoping to finish it by the deadline or you won’t be seeing it until AFTER Remembrance comes out. But you won’t care, right?

Image 5 - Version 3

My mother-in-law, not caring at PF Changs. We can all learn from her.

In addition to that, I’m working on the illustrations for the second book (with more to come!!!) in the Notebooks from a Middle School Princess series, Royal Wedding Disaster. This book will be in stores (and on e-readers) on May 10, 2016!

Here’s a look at THAT cover! Could you die of the cuteness? Yes, that’s Princess Mia in the background, peeking over her shoulder at Princess Olivia!


No, I’m not busy at all.

Even though I was sad to be home from Brazil (not just because no one was bringing me caipirinhas), I was excited to  attend YALLfest in South Carolina.

It was my first ever YALLfest, and it was AMAZING to see so many of my favorite author friends, bloggers, librarians, teachers, and readers all in one place!

Then we learned what had happened in Paris.

But I felt lucky to have been in Charleston when such horrible news broke, because like Paris, Charleston has had to learn to be strong in the face of senseless violence. Like the amazing author (and Yallfest founder) Margaret Stohl posted:

“It’s up to us to change the story. I refuse to believe that love will not prevail. #charlestonstrong #parisstrong.”

Sitting in the dark of the Charleston Music Hall, we were treated to an upbeat concert from the band Tiger Beat (honestly, I went on book tour with the titian-haired literary genius Libba Bray, but I didn’t know she could sing like that. And I mean, that woman can sing), who then performed the most moving rendition of “Let It Be” with the West Ashley High School that I’ve ever heard!

All of us agreed, it truly was “a moment of hope in the dark.”

(And you guys, I can testify – because I was sitting next to him- that RL Stine cried. Well, okay, we ALL cried.)

There’s a lot to be sad about this Thanksgiving.  But there’s much more to be grateful for. We have books, we have Brazil, we have Charleston, and we have caipirinhas.

And we’ll ALWAYS have Paris, and each other. I’m so thankful for that!

More later.

Much love,