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Literary Death Match

I’ve got four (4) book events this week!

Mostly all writers do is sit around and write (or sit around and not write, in which case, we can usually be found watching Law & Order reruns, fretting that we’ll never write again, or write anything as good as Law and Order, especially the SVUs).

But sometimes, we go out and talk about writing. That’s almost as fun as writing . . . in some cases, more fun.

It’s particularly true of the Miami Book Festival (it’s the festival’s 30th anniversary!). I’m going there this week, as well as attending some signings in the surrounding area! I’ll also be judging a “Literary Death Match.” Oh, yes: A death match is going down.

When? Where? Check it out:

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

8:00 PM


Delray Beach

273 Pineapple Grove Way

Delray Beach, FL 33444



Thursday, November 21, 2013

6:30 PM


Meet the Author

1951 Royal Fern Drive

Wellington, FL 33414



Friday, November 22, 2013

8:00PM to 10:00PM


Bardot Lounge

3456 N Miami Ave, Miami

This event is for adults only, age 21+


Doors open at 6



Saturday, November 23, 2013


Miami International Book Festival

Building 8, 2nd Floor Room 8201



Hope I’ll see you at some of these events!

I don’t know about you, but all the Christmas ads on TV (and decorations in the stores) have made me feel inadequate. I haven’t even put away my leftover Halloween candy. I’m not ready for Christmas! And you can see from the expression of Slutty-McSlut-A-Lot, aka Gem, what she thinks about the whole thing:

But here’s an easy and practically FREE gift-giving idea to get you started on the holiday shopping for the book lovers in your life:

Send a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) to my PO Box (address below), and I’ll return it to you filled with the autographed bookplates (indicate how many you’d like, and if you’d like them personalized), bookmarks, flyers, and postcards pictured here (jewelry and family photos not included)!

Send the SASE to:

Meg Cabot

P.O. Box 4904

Key West, FL 33041-4904

Send your SASE early (as in now) so it can be sent back to you in time for the holidays, so you can then give the enclosed items to your friends/loved ones!

You can also send Meg Cabot books themselves to be autographed and personalized, too, but please also enclose an envelope with correct postage on it for their return, and include plenty of time for their return before the holidays!

If you need a guide on which Meg Cabot books are appropriate for which age range, you can find it here.

As for what else I’m up to, the answer is . . . writing (and of course, not writing. Never be too hard on yourself)! As many of you know, November is National Novel Writing Month and I’ve been posting (almost) daily word counts on Twitter about the book I’m working on (uh, the days I actually work on it), reading all your inspirational tweets, and eating lots of mini-Butterfingers leftover from Halloween. So fun (although I have to stop with the Butterfingers. Only because I’m almost out of them).

But in between, I can’t help but think of everyone in the Philippines who is suffering from the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan, one of the most catastrophic storms in history. Please join me in donating to the Red Cross if you can, or to Unicef. Even texting $10 could help make a difference! Maraming salamat po (Filipino for Thank you very much)!



Now back to packing for my trip to Miami . . . and to that secret book I’m working on! Hope you’re doing well, and that I’ll see you this week at one of my events. But if not, remember:

Be safe, be happy, but most of all – be yourself!

More later.

Much love,


Edited later to add:

Was just emailed the awful news by a friend that Barbara Parks, the author of the Junie B Jones books, has died at age 66 of ovarian cancer. We also learned this weekend that author Doris Lessing passed away.  I’ll miss them both! I snuck into a Barbara Parks signing once, and stood at the back (there was no room left to sit!) and found her to be the sweetest, funniest lady imaginable. Authors don’t often live up to your expectations in real life, but Barbara most definitely did. I know she, Doris, and Jane Austen are having a blast up in Author Heaven. XOXO MC







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