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Spring Breakaggedon 2012

Spring is here (officially, if not temperature wise in most places), and you know what that means:

1) School’s out for Spring Break in a lot of places, so Key West (where I live) is packed with vacationers.

2) Some of those vacationers are staying in my house!

3) But that doesn’t mean new books aren’t getting written (and read and reviewed. More on these below)!

4) Official sneak peek excerpts are getting posted (see below) and Advanced Reader Copies are being released (again, see below)!

5) Ladies Fussypants and Slutty McSluts-a-Lot are ready to party.

During what I’m calling “Spring Breakaggedon 2012,” Lady Fussypants has already managed to develop a nasty addiction to catnip . . . .


. . . and Lady Slutty McSluts-a-Lot has been caught red-pawed in the company of several highly inappropriate suitors with whom she has been spied cavorting in the backyard, and from whom she has picked up some very unladylike habits . . .


Both have disgraced the House of Downton Cabot. We fear an advantageous marriage will now be impossibility for either of them. More on their slow descent into madness later.

On a brighter note, Underworld is officially on its way to a bookstore, Kindle, Nook (or whatever form of reader you prefer) near you! It will be available in the US and Canada on May 8th.

Henrietta during one of her more lucid moments

For those of you who can’t wait, click here for a sneak peek at the first two chapters of Underworld!

For the date Underworld is coming to your country, click here (coming soon).

What will happen to Pierce and John in Underworld? A LOT. In answer to one of your many frequently asked questions, yes, someone dies at the end.

But Spring is about rebirth/reawakening, so the real question is, will he/she STAY dead?

Release the Kracken!

On March 20 (the first day of Spring. Get it? The day Persephone was released from the Underworld?), I received a big box of uncorrected proofs, also known as ARCs, from Scholastic. There was much celebrating! Lady Fussypants even laid down the catnip pipe in honor of the occasion.


Some of you have already won copies of these ARCs, like Katie, whose amazing Pinterest board won our Meg Cabot Pinterest contest!

(Click here to see links to all the fabulous finalists!)

And one amazingly generous bidder won a copy by donating to the Red Cross to help victims of the Midwest tornadoes in the Authors4Henryville auction. Thank you SO MUCH (and special thanks to all the Hoosier authors who worked so hard to put Authors4Henryville together, and to everyone who bid. You are the BEST. Winners, expect your books and goodies soon)!

I bid on some books myself, from the amazing picture book author Jean Reidy. As an extremely picky person, I love her books for kids about clothes and food that are “too …” something.

Since Spring is all about starting over and second chances, there’ll be lots of opportunities to win an ARC of Underworld of your very own if you missed out on the ones above and can’t wait for the nice, non-error-filled real book in May. Here’s how:

You can enter my new web contest here (simply by correctly answering our trivia question). Or you can enter my creative writing contest here! The winner gets to choose one of any of my books he/she wants!


And don’t miss this very cute blog hop sponsored by the Romance Bookie and Little Drama Queen! There’s a strong possibility (OK, probability) they’re going to have copies of my books to giveaway, as well!

In Spring, many new books (besides mine) are being released. Here are just a couple of the ones I’m looking forward to:

Author Liza Palmer’s new book More Like Her (coming April 17).

Not only does More Like Her have all of Liza’s trademark wry humor, romance, and warmth (her book, Seeing Me Naked, is one of my all-time faves), but it has a twist that I did NOT see coming (granted, I didn’t read the back of the book first) that was so shockingly realistic, it had me OMGing until I got to the very end. Three cheers for Liza! This one took my breath away.

Mariah Frederick’s Girl In The Park

OK, I haven’t read this one yet, but I’ve read the reviews and they’ve been insanely good, stars all over the place. I’ve loved all of Mariah’s other books, so how can this one not rock? Plus it’s a mystery, and lately I can’t read enough mysteries. GOTTA get my hands on this one. This one will be in stores April 24.

In the mean time, enjoy this trailer from something else I’m looking forward to: Will Ferrell’s new movie, Casa De Mi Padre, which I’m determined to see as soon as it gets to my town.

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5GYrBB86Fo [/youtube]

Wishing you a very warm and wonderful Spring Breakaggedon 2012 . . . may everything you’re hoping for come true, and may your Kracken get released!

More later.

Much love,


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