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Book Tour in France!

So this morning I’m getting on a plane for my book tour in France. This is exactly the kind of glamorous thing that I always imagined I’d be doing if I were ever a published author!

But here’s a little known secret: in real life, hopping on a plane to Paris for your book tour turns out to be less than glamorous (at least if you’re me).

Because right now I can’t find the leggings I just bought (two pairs!) for this very trip.

And I’ve suddenly realized I only have one hour to change planes in Atlanta, which means my suitcase (which weighs 75 pounds even without the leggings, because I’m bringing 3 pairs of boots) will never make it onto the plane.

And my 19 year old cat Henrietta has decided that the floor of the office across the hall from the laundry room where her litter box is actually located is really the most convenient place for her to go to the bathroom (number two only).

Oh, and the touchpad of my MacBook Pro died, just when my revisions are due for Underworld. I have my trusty MacBook Air, but it only has 2 hours of battery, for some reason. Perfect for a 9 hour plane ride during which I hoped to get some work done.

Obviously I shouldn’t complain because

a) I am incredibly lucky (and thrilled) even to be having a book tour in France, and

b) things can only improve, right? By the time I get there and see all those smiling French faces, everything will be fine. Even my suitcase will show up eventually!

But until then, zut alors!

Anyway — yoga breath — this week, Abandon is being released in France. It has the same title in France as it does in America (and England).

Tres jolie!

My French publisher’s amazing website has the lowdown on all the contests and fun stuff that’s going on online while I’m there. But below are some of the places you can stop by to say hi to me in person (sorry I don’t have links for all of them. You should contact the stores to make sure the information is accurate and up-to-date. I do think you might need bracelets and stuff in advance to get in to some of them, so it’s worth double checking).

Friday, December 2
Signing at Le Furet du Nord bookstore
5:30 – 6:30PM

Saturday, December 3
Signing at Sauramps bookstore
3:00 – 4:30PM

Sunday, December 4
Signing at the Montreuil Book Fair
4:00 – 6:00PM

Wednesday, December 7
Signing at La Librairie Kleber bookstore
4:30 – 6:30PM

Thursday, December 8
Signing at FNAC Montparnasse

And if you have questions you’d like to posez you can posez them here (I have a question. WHERE ARE THOSE LEGGINGS?).

On the days I don’t have events listed, I will still be working — behind the scenes, doing interviews and videos and stuff you’ll see later! I do get a little time off, but this is a work trip! Besides, I used to live in France, so going there is like going home!

OK, I’m completely making that up. But when I was six, my family moved to Grenoble, France for a year so my dad could teach there on sabbatical. I went to French school and actually learned to read in French, from some of the best books of all time . . .

. . . because they saved me from my overwhelming confusion at suddenly being plopped into first grade in a foreign country:


Oh, la belle Martine! No one can understand how much she meant to me! I was a lonely little American girl who understood no French, but I could look at the pictures in my Martine books (by author Gilbert Delahaye, available at any grocery store in France in the 70s) and tell exactly what Martine was up to (always something incredible).

Because of the amazing Martine (and my mom, who bought one of her books for me every time she went to the grocery store), I was inspired to WANT to learn to read (in both English and French. Now I remember only the English, alas)!

Isn’t it cool how books can transcend language barriers? I took my Martine books to my French school, and instantly had an “in” with the girls there.

I still have all my Martine books (I was very choosy and only liked the ones where Martine looked like she was about to die or become famous. But I pretended to like all of them).

Oh, Martine! You were my inspiration! What did you become when you grew up? I hope it was this:

Whatever Martine became, I bet unlike me, she can still eat wheat-gluten. This will be my first trip to France since being diagnosed with celiac disease.

Although I’m happy to no longer have weird rashes on my face and the feeling that there is a bee inside my head — which were the mild but annoying symptoms that finally drove me to the endocrinologist who diagnosed me — French bread is basically my favorite thing in the world. It’s going to be REALLY hard not to eat it.

Anyway, last blog post we had a very exciting contest to see which cover you liked best for my July 2012 release, Size 12 and Ready to Rock. The votes have been tallied, and I know who won . . . but I can’t tell you which until the official unveiling! Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, I seriously can’t believe Thanksgiving is already over, which means Christmas and Hanukkah are right around the corner. I am NOT ready (obviously. I can’t even find my pants).

But if you’re looking for things to give, the nice people at Bookwish are having an interesting contest for aspiring YA authors looking for professional input on their work here! I guess you can’t actually give that to someone, but you could give them a copy of the anthology What You Wish For, which was recently named one of Penguin’s books best YA of 2011! And the contest would also make a nice classroom assignment.

In the meantime, I’m off to France, where I will not only be touring (and letting people who come my signings in on spoilers about the sequel to Abandon, Underworld!) but looking for cool gift ideas for you all for the holidays (and of course, for more Martine books – and leggings – for me).

In the meantime, be safe, be happy . . . and be sure to read some books!

More later.

Much love,


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