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Which 80s Film Heroine Are You?/Hurricane 101

So roughly half of the coastal US is under a hurricane watch or warning right now (except, strangely, the parts of the US that are used to it, such as Florida, which is where I am right now).

Having been through numerous hurricanes since I moved here in 2004, I feel qualified to give some advice to people going through one right now. If you need proof, just click on this entry from my Hurricane Diaries.

You can read many similar posts just by putting the word “hurricane” in the search engine of my blog. Though why you’d want to, I can’t imagine. It’s just more of the same!

Because the worst part about being in a storm isn’t the fear that your house might get swept away, because most likely that isn’t going to happen (unless you live on the beach and you didn’t evacuate, in which case, you should probably leave now, if it’s safe to drive).

No, the worst part is the clean up (especially if the power was out for a long time and the stuff in your fridge gets stinky) . . .

. . . and the abject boredom as the rain pours down, the power flickers, and everyone realizes they’re in no real danger . . . except of losing their minds because there’s nothing to do (hopefully you’ve been to the store in advance and stocked up on cheese popcorn and Gummi Bears and awesome reads.* Oh, and a flashlight. And, if you are over 21, beer and wine. And ice)!

If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place! (Assuming you charged your batteries and can still read this).

Because here’s a cool quizz I made up to keep everyone stuck inside, riding out the storm, occupied and having fun!

So get out a pen and try to figure out . . . .


Your friends would describe you as:

A) Popular
B) Brainy
C) Weird
D) Tomboy

When dressing for school in the morning, you make sure:

A) Everything looks cute
B) Everything matches
C) Everything is black
D) Everything is within easy reach of the bed so you can sleep in a little later after the alarm goes off

Your idea of a perfect Saturday afternoon is:

A) Shopping at the mall
B) Getting a head start on your history paper
C) Painting a self-portrait
D) Skating in the park

You’re packing to go to camp for the summer. You take:

a. Your yearbook
b. Your Powerbook
c. Your poetry notebook
d. You would so not go to summer camp.

Your favorite kind of movie is:

A. One that has kissing
B. One that is historically accurate
C. One that has a serial killer
D. One with explosions

Your ideal boyfriend is:

A. Sensitive loner
B. Brainy underachiever
C. Jock with a heart of gold
D. Artistic type

What does your favorite purse look like?

A. Prada
B. Anything big enough to fit all your books
C. Anything big enough to fit all your sketchpads/knitting needles
D. Purse? Who needs a purse when you have pockets?

Your preferred eyeliner color:

A. Blue
B. Natural
C. Black
D. Eyeliner? Yuck.

You favorite TV show is:

A. Jersey Shore
B. Masterpiece Theater
C. You only watch movies
D. Anime

Ready? Count up all your As, Bs, Cs, and Ds!

If you answered mostly As, you are:

Congratulations! You are a PROM PRINCESS. The 80s teen film heroine you are most like is MOLLY RINGWALD from THE BREAKFAST CLUB. Popular and pretty, you are universally liked, but long to break out of the cookie-cutter mold you feel you’ve been thrust into by society, and get real. May we suggest doing so by dating a hot (but harmless) juvenile delinquent like JUDD NELSON’s John Bender, also in THE BREAKFAST CLUB?

If you answered mostly Bs, you are:

Congratulations! You are a BRAINY BEAUTY. The 80s teen film heroine you are most like is IONE SKYE from SAY ANYTHING. Your good grades and preppie style make you the classic overachiever. Still, you long to shed your good-girl image and have some fun, but are afraid of what everyone will think. May we suggest you find a kick-boxing iconoclast along the lines of JOHN CUSACK’s Lloyd Dobbler (also from SAY ANYTHING) to show you that can make straight As and still have time for making out?

If you answered mostly Cs, you are:

Congratulations! You are an INTRIGUING INDIVIDUALIST. The 80s teen film heroine you are most like is ALLY SHEEDY from THE BREAKFAST CLUB. Stunning but shy, you prefer to keep to yourself and concentrate on perfecting your poetry/paint/performance art. But it’s possible to be a rebel and still have fun, you know.
Stop hiding your light under a bushel, and break out. Who better to show you the way than a jock with a heart of gold like EMILIO ESTEVEZ’s Andy Clark from THE BREAKFAST CLUB?

If you answered mostly Ds, you are:

Congratulations! You are a TOMBOY TEMPTRESS. The 80s teen film heroine you are most like is MARY STUART MASTERSON from SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL. True to yourself and loyal to those you love, you don’t have time for makeup and high heels. But guys could be intimidated if you always play it tough, so take a cue from ERIC STOLTZ’s Keith Nelson from SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL, and show your sensitive side from time to time. A little lip gloss never hurt anybody either.

If you answered equal numbers of A, B, C, or D answers:

Congratulations! You are an IN-CROWD CUTIE. The 80s teen film heroine you are most like is LEA THOMPSON from SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL. Pretty but shy, you’re the girl everyone wants to know better—but how can they, when you don’t even know yourself yet? Break out of your current clique, and try something new…like skateboarding or drama. You’ll never find a sensitive loner-type—like JAKE RYAN from SIXTEEN CANDLES—if you’re not willing to meet him halfway.

More quizzes coming soon! Everyone stay safe and dry!

More later.

Much love,


*Note that a hurricane and its many accoutrements, such as the now infamous “cone of uncertainty,” plays a large part in my newest YA novel, Abandon, which will be in UK stores on Sept. 2 (click here for the special UK page for games, contests, and giveaways), and will also figure prominently in the sequel, Underworld, coming in 2012!

And don’t forget that the most important thing in any emergency, weather related or not, is to keep a level head and a sense of humor, and, of course, to be prepared in advance! Visit the FEMA webpage for more info on how you can prepare yourself and your family for any disaster, including, of course, a zombie attack!