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Hi from San Francisco!

Hello! I’m off to San Francisco, CA, Naperville, IL, and Wellesley, MA for another week of fun, adventure, and book signings!

I’d love to see you if you can come to any of the following events (they’re with This is Teen, which is an initiative through Scholastic Books to connect teens with their favorite authors and books, so I’ll be speaking and signing along with authors Libba Bray and Maggie Stiefvater). Here are the deets (details):

Monday, June 13

7:00pm – 9:00pm

Books Inc. Opera Plaza

601 Van Ness Avenue

San Francisco, CA

Please contact the store directly for details and for any event requirements/rules specific to this event: 415-776-1111

Wednesday, June 15

7:00pm – 9:00pm

Wentz Concert Hall at North Central College (hosted by Anderson’s Bookshop)

171 E. Chicago Avenue

Naperville IL 60540

Please contact the store directly for details and for any event requirements/rules specific to this event: 630-355-2665.

Thursday, June 16

7:00pm – 9:00pm

Wellesley Books

Wellesley, MA

Please contact the store directly for details, location, and for any event requirements/rules specific to this event: 781-431-1160.

I’m especially excited because I spent eighth grade living in Carmel, CA (those of you familiar with the Mediator series know all about Carmel. It’s where Suze lives. I went to the Mission School, too)! We used to go up to San Francisco for special occasions. Though I’m basically just going to be there overnight, it’s still always fun to visit San Francisco and reminisce about throwing up over the ferry on the way to Alcatraz.

And of course I’m addicted to Naperville Pawn. That’s not the only reason I’m excited to be back in Naperville, IL, of course, because I love Anderson’s Bookshop.

But it’s a new reason to love it, because I caught a marathon of the new show on TLC about a couple of pawn shop divas (and I couldn’t BELIEVE it when they turned away that Judith Lieber clutch, so I have some things to discuss with everyone in Naperville, besides my new book Abandon of course).

And I have NEVER. BEEN. TO. BOSTON (let alone Wellesley).

I know. Home of Robert B. Parker’s (may he rest in peace) world famous detective, Spenser, and every Ben Affleck character in every movie he’s ever made (except Armageddon). Don’t get me started on how excited I am.

So I hope I’ll see some of you at one of the above stops, and if not, there’s always:

The Romance Writers of America conference , which starts at the hugest signing of all time at the Times Square Marriott in New York City on Tuesday, June 28 (open to the public)!

I know. I can barely contain myself. But more on this in a later blog because they’re about to call my flight!

In the meantime, here’s a secret: She Went All The Way is being offered for a limited time at 4.99 on all sorts of eBook sites!

And look out for some minor changes to this site in the coming days (in other words, if it’s down, don’t panic), and be sure to click here to see if I’ll be stopping by a town near you later this month (or even this July for my Overbite tour)!

(Have you seen new Insatiable series webpage? I know! So pretty!)

And yes, I know what you’re thinking:

IMG_3161 - Version 2

Where can I get that apron? Willams Sonoma!

And also:

But who’ll be taking care of Henrietta while Meg’s gone?


Don’t worry, Henrietta will be well provided for, not only by He Who Shall Not Be Named In This Blog, but by various back-up caretakers, hired for their extreme dedication and cat skills and who, unlike me, do not call her ‘direwolf’ now after Game of Thrones.

See you soon!

More later.

Much love,