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Important News about your Summer Plans!

I’ve tried to put off telling you guys this for the longest time because I know a ton of you are planning on coming to NYC this summer on vacation or to see Book of Mormon (did you get tickets? Because I can’t. Not that it matters, as you’ll soon see) or for the Romance Writers of America conference, or whatever.

But it just isn’t fair. I can’t keep it to myself a second longer. I HAVE to tell you, no matter how much the truth hurts! So here goes:


In case you didn’t get that, New York City has been taken over by vampires . . .

. . . and I don’t mean Donald Trump.

Brooklyn, you’re not safe either. New Jersey, neither are you (as if you didn’t already know that from the Real Housewives).

I think Queens is probably OK, but communication from there has been a bit sketchy.

But don’t worry! My new book Overbite contains a handy guide on how to avoid vampire attacks.

The only problem is that it won’t be out until July 5. So you might want to check out the sneak peek if you plan on coming anywhere close to the northeastern corridor before then.

Here’s a short rundown, just in case your wifi conks out:

How to Enjoy Your Vacation This Summer Without Getting Your Throat Torn Out:

Avoid dark alleys.

Eat a lot of garlic.

Don’t make out with anyone you haven’t seen walking around in full daylight.

If you’re having weird dreams about the world ending, that’s because it’s going to. So go ahead: Have that second dessert! It won’t kill you. That weird guy you just met is going to.

You can join me July 5th (the day of the book’s official release) at the NYU Bookstore (across the park from the dorm where I used to work!) where I’ll be giving more detailed instructions on the coming vampire apocalypse and how we can all fight it (even though resistance is probably futile):

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

6:30 PM


726 Broadway

New York, NY 10003

Need more info? Contact: Yael Yisraeli

Main Phone: 212-998-4653

There will be many other stops nationwide on this tour, so don’t worry if you can’t make it to NYC! Just click here to find a stop I’ll making near you. No part of the country will be left out!

(Populations outside of the US, I’ll be visiting you soon. France, I’ll see you in December! Everyone else, stay tuned!)

And don’t take my word about all of this. Us Weekly agrees that Overbite is a summer reading essential:


And the people over at BookList and Fresh Fiction concur.

Of course Insatiable is available everywhere in paperback now, and it too has some handy hints on how to avoid vampire infestation, just in case you decide to come northeast this summer anyway!

You can find out more about both books here at BookPage (I did those drawings myself!) and also the Overbite page at my site, where Janey has been busy adding all sorts of Extras just for you (and more will be added as publication day approaches), including the Palatine Newsletter, Stake Out, Issue 1, written by Meena Harper:

Page One of Stake Out. Click link above for full newsletter.

(And don’t forget to join the Insatiable/Overbite Facebook page where we’ll be giving away free copies of the book to a few lucky winners!)

Before July 5, of course, I’ll be signing copies of Abandon and Insatiable at the The 2011 “Readers for Life” Literary Autographing!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011
Broadway Ballroom
Marriott Marquis
Times Square
1535 Broadway
New York, New York 10036
Open to the public!

There are going to be so many amazing writers at this event (click on the link above to see who) so it’s guaranteed to be AWESOME (especially since it’s going to be in TIMES SQUARE, where part of the Overbite video was filmed . . . to the annoyance of the police and many tourists who thought I was Tina Fey, only to discover I was not).

Then I get to emcee the 2011 RITA and Golden Heart Awards Ceremony on July 1. I’m so excited about this (no, I don’t know who the winners are. But yes, I have received my script)! (This event is ticketed.)

In other news, I’m so excited to be meeting the winning bidder for the Brenda Novak Search for the Cure Royal Tea at the Palm Court in NYC this weekend! This amazing person and I will be having delicious tea and sandwiches with three of her friends. Can’t wait! Whenever you start feeling down about the upcoming vampire apocalypse, remember there are still amazing people like THIS ONE in the world, fighting the evil.

And I just wanted to thank everyone who showed up to (and also hosted one of) the This is Teen signings last week in San Francisco, Naperville, and Boston! They too are fighting the evil! (Check out some of the photos on Facebook! More will be added soon, and please feel free to post your own)!

It was so fun touring with Libba Bray and Maggie Stiefvater, as I’m sure everyone who came out to our signings would agree . . . three authors is always better than one!

Maggie, Meg, and Libba, all LOCKED up

There were so many highlights from the tour, but one of them was getting to see so many teachers, librarians, and readers (young, old, and in-between), bringing up copies of all our new books, but also tattered copies of The Princess Diaries, Size 12 is not Fat (yes, the sequel is coming next year!), and even copies of The Mediator written under my old pen name, Jenny Carroll. Hilarious! (But get the re-issue. It’s prettier and has my real name on it!)

And never having been to Boston, I was THRILLED to be there, and meet so many New Englanders for the first time ever!

Here’s a fun article from PW about the tour, with hilarious photos, and commentary about cake:

photo - Version 2
Yeah, I got to keep one of those Barbies! Thanks again to Nikki!!!!

Lastly, I’m sure you’ve seen the beautiful facelift that www.megcabot.com has undergone, thanks to my brilliant and hard-working site administrator, Janey. Take some time to look around and click on stuff. You might find some updates and surprises . . . and not of the demon variety.

In the meantime, get some garlic, make sure that cute guy you just met at the mall doesn’t start steaming when he’s at the beach in daylight . . . and stay alive, no matter what occurs!

More later.

Much love,