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Hello! It’s me, Meg Cabot, reporting live from the rapture in Key West, Florida (probably the most sinful place in the world outside of Las Vegas and of course the entire state of Indiana). I’m home from Orlando and Canada, and about to leave for my signings next week in NEW YORK CITY!

That is unless the world ends today (which it is supposed to do according to this one cult).

(I’m kind of mad because I was looking forward to the dead rising up from their graves, but since I live 2 blocks from the Key West cemetery, I can personally attest to the fact that so far NO ONE is rapturing and I’ve seen 0 dead bodies rising from graves).

But since cults tend to be wrong about this kind of thing all the time (why do people keep giving cults their money? Tell all your cultist friends to spend their money on books! Also bidding on tea with me at the Plaza for diabetes research!) I was sort of prepared for this and made up this list ahead of time of super fun stuff for you to do today instead of look at dead people rising from graves or die in a lake of fire:

First, you can read the amazing review Abandon got in the Sunday New York Times:

“There’s nothing like coming back from the dead to ruin a girl’s life. . . .” (And that’s just the first line! Honest. I’m not making it up! Click here to read more . . . if you dare! Cuz “death’s just getting started. . . .” I swear it says that. And this way before this rapture thing ever even got started. It’s like I’m psychic or something. Well, obviously I am.)

Second, I finally have a cover for Overbite (my July 5th adult paranormal release, the sequel to last year’s bestselling Insatiable) to show you! (Not to mention, the brand new cover for the paperback of Insatiable!)

Is the apocalypse avoided in Overbite, as it has been (so far) in real life? Well, there’s going to be an Overbite webpage that will spill all sorts of juicy gossip about that, and what Meena and Lucien and Alaric have been up to lately, coming soon (pending rapture).

But in the meantime, you will just have to be satisfied with reading a plot summary here (and you can also pre-order the book . . . you know. . . .if you’re feeling confident there will still be mail by Monday).

Meanwhile, have you been seeing how much coverage all the fun female empowerment books that are coming out this summer have been getting in the media lately? I love it! First the totally sweet CNN interview I had when I was in Atlanta, then this great round up in the Washington Post that talks about how many adult readers are reading YA! It even breaks down some of the summer selections for readers by “interests,” none of which (sadly, I’m sure, for cultists) are burning in a lake of fire.

We even have Al Roker talking YA on the Today Show! Notice the pink book behind Al’s head?

Yes! It is Princess Lessons! He didn’t mention it, but you can tell he’s DYING TO READ IT.

I have a million of them. And I’ll be here until the apocalypse is over. Because I care.

What’s so great about this YA love is that it means hopefully we’ll see even MORE people at the THIS IS TEEN events this summer (if we make it through today)!

And I finally have an updated schedule for these signings, so please put these on your calendar (and contact the stores in advance, because it’s my understanding that some of these events are ticketed and selling out to all of you scandalous unbelievers).

Tuesday, May 24
7:00pm – 9:00pm
Barnes & Noble
91 Old Country Road
Carle Place, NY
Please contact the store directly for details and for any event requirements/rules specific to this event: 516-741-9850.

Thursday, May 26
6:30pm – 7:30pm
The Scholastic Store
557 Broadway
New York, New York
Please contact the store directly for details and for any event requirements/rules specific to this event: 212-343-6166

Monday, June 13
7:00pm – 9:00pm
Books Inc. Opera Plaza
601 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA
Please contact the store directly for details and for any event requirements/rules specific to this event: 415-776-1111

Wednesday, June 15
7:00pm – 9:00pm
Wentz Concert Hall at North Central College (hosted by Anderson’s Bookshop)
171 E. Chicago Avenue
Naperville IL 60540
Please contact the store directly for details and for any event requirements/rules specific to this event: 630-355-2665.

Thursday, June 16
7:00pm – 9:00pm
Wellesley Books
Wellesley, MA
Please contact the store directly for details, location, and for any event requirements/rules specific to this event: 781-431-1160.
(I have never been to Boston before so this will be my FIRST TIME in this city!!!)

Saturday, July 23
7:00pm – 9:00pm
Books & Books
265 Aragon Avenue
Coral Gables, FL
Please contact the store directly for details and for any event requirements/rules specific to this event: 305-442-4408.

And don’t forget my Overbite signings in July! But how COULD YOU???? Because they’re all listed on this mind blowing interactive map right here!

It was so insanely fun to meet so many of your teachers and librarians at IRA in Orlando last week (hint: they must really like you because they had me sign a LOT of copies of Abandon for you to give to you as graduation gifts) . . . not to mention so many fun AUTHORS!

photo 3

Then I flew off to Toronto where I got to experience book signings, Canadian style (cold weather, WARM WELCOME)!

Everything was so organized, despite the crowds, the signing went like lightning (uh, for me . . . I don’t know about the people waiting). They even had a “photo booth” that printed out free photos for everyone on line!


You can see a ton more fun photos from the signing on my Facebook page! I even had an “Indigo Moment” that turned out to be much more of a moment than anyone intended (most of all me):


By the time I got home (after almost being kicked off the plane for reasons that were never fully explained to me but I think it had to do with my exotic sounding name: It’s MEGGIN AS IN BEGGIN’/CABOT RHYMES WITH RABBIT) I was exhausted . . . .

But not too exhausted to see the movies Bridesmaids (OMG so good! I demand a sequel) and Jane Eyre (OMG so good! But not as good as the book) and attend my first chat ever on Good Reads! It was so fun being on Good Reads, I will definitely visit more often!

And in case anyone didn’t notice (they announced it last night on the local Miami news–which I have started taping because Florida has the weirdest news in the ENTIRE country, confirmed by the AP News Corp), while a Biblical rapture is unlikely in our lifetime, a viral zombie apocalypse is a theoretical possibility according to the CDC.

I have been telling all of you this for years. Now will you stop laughing?

I leave you with this sobering thought: Since the rapture didn’t happen, THERE ARE ONLY TEN DAYS LEFT IN THE AUCTION TO HAVE ROYAL TEA WITH ME AT THE PALM COURT IN NEW YORK CITY THIS SUMMER!

Time is running out! The auction ends on May 31! Remember, all the money goes to help researchers find a cure for diabetes (which, unlike today’s fake rapture or a zombie apocalypse, is a very, very real thing and a disease from which millions of people, including some of my family members, suffer)!

Thank you for all your generosity, read more books, and if worse comes to worst today, see you in the Underworld to be sorted by John Hayden (if you don’t know who I’m talking about, you need to watch this video or go here)!



More later.

Much love,