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My Dead Valentine

It’s that day again: The day some people love to celebrate with little pieces of paper cut into the shape of a heart and exchanges of gifts of candy and jewelry, and other people hate with an all-mighty passion.

But don’t worry. Whether you’re a lover or a hater, I’ve got Valentines for everyone:

1) Nothing says Be My Valentine more than abducting a girl and forcing her to live with you in your underground palace in the Underworld.

Check out the newly updated page for my April 26, 2011 YA paranormal release, Abandon. We’ve added an exclusive sneak peek chapter, and an introductory video I shot in the middle of a cemetery last summer, in front of the most haunted crypt in Key West.

2) Win a free Advanced Reader Copy of Abandon, and the cool promotional stickers that go with it, to give to your Valentine (or just keep for yourself).


All you have to do is join the Abandon Facebook page and you’ll automatically be entered to win. A new winner will be chosen every week until the book debuts April 26, 2011. (You will be contacted for your mailing info if you’ve won. People who’ve already joined the page, you are already entered.)

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4) Come talk about a couple who loves to hate Valentine’s Day: Jess Mastriani and Rob Wilkins from the Vanished books (also known as the 1-800-Where-R-You series).

The current online discussion on the Meg Cabot message boards is about Books One and Two in that series (check them out here).

Rob may not have swept Jess off to the Underworld, but he took her a few places she wasn’t supposed to go. Which is just one of the many reasons her mother doesn’t approve of their relationship.

We’re giving away copies of the Vanished re-issue to the best conversationalists! And of course I’ll be stopping by the discussion to answer questions and talk about Rob’s abs in more detail.

5) Check out these cute romantic covers of my books from foreign lands:


Awwww . . . I know, right? That’s not at all what happens in Avalon High, but who cares?

(And did you know Avalon High, the movie, won the Writer’s Guild Award for Best Children’s Script, Long Form? Congrats!)

But this one wins the Valentine Heart Necklace from Jared’s. Princess Diaries 10, from Japan!


Could you die? Not even I could picture Michael and Mia’s horse and buggy ride through Central Park any cuter than that. Here is the whole thing:


Japan! Stop being so awesome!

(You can see many of the amazing Japanese Princess Diaries covers here if you scroll down. I do not even have them all, but I am going to try to get them. The Mediator covers are also amazing).

6) Finally, this:

Picture 2

No one can resist two cats in the shape of a heart. No one! Not even the lord of the Underworld.

Well, okay, probably he could, because he has been living amongst the dead for so long, and doesn’t quite understand that love is not kidnapping girls and forcing them to live with him and trying to get them to, uh, you know.

But for the rest of us . . . .

Happy Valentine’s Day!

More later.

Much love,