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Awesome Gifts, Some of Which You Can Win

If you’re like me, you’re panicking right now, realizing how behind you are in everything, including your Christmas shopping (if you’re shopping for Hanukkah, you’re basically screwed).

So here are some ideas for you (for gifts. If you, like me, had a book due last week, all I can say is, welcome to the club and may God have mercy on your soul):

1) Eleni’s cookies. Yeah, you can make cookies. But not like these. Can you make cookies shaped like the entire cast of the Nutcracker, or Santa on the Beach? I highly doubt it.

2) A Polaroid camera. This one is smaller than the older ones you might be used to, but you can still use it for those “art projects” you may not necessarily care to put on your computer or cell phone, because what if the photos get “stolen,” and then leaked all over the Internet? You wouldn’t want your mom seeing them, would you?

I said “art projects.” You people have dirty minds.

3) Rosebush, Michele Jaffe’s new YA, a romantic suspense (also the Meg Cabot Book club’s new Book of the Month) is out now, and would look perfect peeking out of anyone’s stocking. We’ll be reading and discussing this book for the month of December here, so get a copy while it’s hot. Yeah, while everyone else is Ho Ho Ho-ing, we’ll be trying to figure out who left poor Jane for dead beneath a rosebush at what was supposed to be a super fun unchaperoned Memorial Day party at the Jersey Shore.

Kirkus calls it “Cleverly written with a finger on the pulse of the target audience—a winner.” We just like hot boys and girls who kickass.

4) A gift certificate to a bookstore!

Look, I know you think this is cheating. You’re all, “But where is the thought? The warmth? The consideration that is supposed to go into a gift to a loved one?” To this I say “Seriously?”

You’re reading an author’s blog, so you like books. Which means most of your friends/family probably do too.

And even if they don’t, if you get them a gift certificate to a bookstore, they’re going to find something there they like, like magazines or candles or Burt’s Bees emergency skin repair kit or whatever. So just do it. They’ll love it way better than that weird thing you got them last year

And if you give them a gift certificate, they don’t have to spend it right away. They can hold onto it until, cough, Abandon comes out at the end of April (yeah, I just said that so I could put the new Abandon cover on here because it got tweaked and I want to show it off. You can see her hair now, and I think it’s pretty. If you click on that link back there, you can see the whole thing).


5) Of course, if you’re super broke, there are tons of opportunities to win stuff you can give to people. You can win copies of the new Mediator re-issue coming out in February if you join its Facebook page.


Already a fan of the series on Facebook? Then you’ve automatically been entered to win, so don’t worry! The rest of you have until the book’s release to go its Facebook page and “like” The Mediator.

We’re also looking for help coming up with “discussion group” questions for The Mediator re-issue (of Books One and Two). Winning questions will be published in a store brochure that will be used for book club discussions! Go here to submit entries! (This means you already have to have read the books.)

But you don’t have to read the books I’m giving away here to win them! Just click and enter! I’m giving away copies of Holiday Princess and Princess Present to ten lucky winners!

6) I don’t know about your family, but in mine there was always one person who wanted one thing and one thing only for Christmas:

Velvet pants.

Unfortunately this person was not female, but my youngest brother (to those of you who read my books Allie Finkle’s Rules for Girls, this might sound familiar).

That caused some controversy from time to time, as it was not very socially acceptable for boys to dress in velvet pants in the eighties in Southern Indiana at any time except Halloween, especially at school, where boys named Karl regularly roamed the hallways, chewing tobacco and looking for boys wearing velvet pants to pound in the face.

It would be lovely if we lived in a world where all men and boys, not just pirates, could wear velvet pants freely if they wished to.

But in many communities, velvet pants on boys are still just not acceptable, even though this lady has written a great book that helps explains about her own son’s struggles to fit in in a world where velvet and maybe a little glitter can really help to lift a little boy’s spirits.

Hopefully someday more people will understand!

In the meantime, if you know a boy who’d love a pair of velvet pants for Christmas or Hanukkah, I’d like to take this opportunity to urge you to just give them to him (my parents did. Well, they couldn’t find actual velvet pants in his size, but they were cords, and he LOVED them)!

’Tis the season! Give!

More later.

Much love,


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