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New Avalon High Trailer, New Mediator Covers, New Everything!

All my husband wanted for his birthday was to relax, so we embarked on a quest to make that happen.

But it’s super hard to relax when so much exciting stuff is going on. You know what I’m talking about: Bristol Palin on Dancing with the Stars. Someone finally figuring out an easy way to clean feet. This funny book, which has a hilarious title, and an even more hilarious cover (the insides are pretty hilarious, too).


Like that Disney Channel released the Avalon High movie trailer.


You can view/read all the details here! It looks unbelievable. I know I am the author, but I can say that, because I haven’t seen the movie, or read the script, or anything! The author is always the last to know. I can’t wait. I am very curious about who some of these people are (but I TOTALLY approve this trailer)!

Then Harper Collins announced they’re re-releasing the Mediator books, with all new covers!


These are the US covers (well, just one to show you so far). I think it’s beautiful!

No new news on the Mediator movie, but the way things are going, you never know! My advice: don’t blink. Things are happening WAY TOO FAST around here.

Then the city of San Antonio (!!!) got added to my Austin Book Festival signing schedule next week! Check it out here.

I already couldn’t wait to go to Austin (where they always seem to be going on Friday Night Lights, and where there are BATS you can watch emerge from their lair as you have cocktails), because I’m going to be attending a Zombie vs. Unicorn smackdown there—which you, too, can attend. Just click here to learn how—but I’m ALSO going to be doing a FANTASTIC gig with the fabulous Jenny Brown (which you can read about here).

But now a signing in San Antonio is in the mix? HELLO!

Please come, and make my day.

Bats in Austin

In Allie Finkle news, AllieFinkle.com’s got a fresh new look, and Allie is hoping lots of librarians will stop by Scholastic’s Live Broadcast October 19th at 1:00 pm ET to see what they’ve got coming up Jan-June 2011 (someone MIGHT have a special message for them).

(PS It’s not Allie who has the message.)

(PS Anyone can stop by, not just librarians. Edited later: Oh, sorry, I forgot. They can’t. It’s actually just for librarians. Too bad, because it’s really cool. Don’t you wish you were a librarian now? I do.)

The truth is, the more I try to relax, the more stuff keeps happening! But I DID try. Here is a photo of me leaving for Buff Booty Ballet, before I decided yoga was more my speed:


I would like to point out that every inch of my body hurts from so much relaxing. But I feel very energized for more BOOKS (both writing and READING them)!

I just have to figure out how to get out of bed.

More later.

Much love,