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Like every woman in America this week I had to go see the movie of Eat Pray Love. I will admit I had a little bit of a hard time getting into the book (it’s not my fault. I only have one ovary) but I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, especially the food parts and the part with the elephant (although word of warning to everyone with one or less ovary: don’t get your hopes up that the elephant tramples anyone).

He Who Shall Not Be Not Named In This Blog did not accompany me to this movie, even though, although he has no ovaries, he would have liked it. He loves romances (and looks a bit like an even scruffier version of Javier Bardem, if such a thing is possible. I personally enjoyed this part of the movie best), especially the collected works of Nicholas Sparks, which is why we made an agreement long ago that he wouldn’t read my books, a pact that has served us well.

I don’t think literary criticism from someone you live with is necessary (especially from someone who thinks an appropriate ending for a romance is a Peruvian mudslide that kills the male lead).

Anyway, thanks to so many of you for entering the Back to School contest! We got tons of great entries, and the office elves are busy sorting through them! Be sure to check your school mailboxes in the next week or so if you entered. Contests like these help schools/libraries stock their shelves, and they help ME empty mine so I can fill them with incoming stock . . . like Allie Finkle #5 Stage Fright (now out in paperback)!

In other news, we visited the Greenpeace boat, Arctic Sunrise, which stopped by Key West this weekend on its way to take researchers out into the Gulf to track oil from the Deepwater Horizon disaster.


As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, just because the leak has been plugged, that doesn’t mean the oil isn’t still out there . . . somewhere. Greenpeace is supplying the boat so that universities can supply researchers to find it.


It was fun to tour the ship, and also educational. Greenpeace ships, unlike those you might have seen on shows like Whale Wars (a totally separate entity than Greenpeace) aren’t out there trying to stop Japanese fishermen from killing whales. Greenpeace feels that crises like the one caused by the Deepwater Horizon (and future disasters like it, if we continue to allow drilling off our shores) as well as global warming will kill far more sea life than Japanese fishermen ever will.

I know! I was surprised to hear this too!

Sometimes I wear hats.

I don’t know if you’ve already figured this out, but I’m a little obsessed with natural disasters, and this includes bad weather. Climatologists have already concluded that this past decade has been the hottest in the historical record (with the past four months alone having been the warmest on record in the history of the world). Seventy-five countries have set extreme hottest temperature records (that’s 33% of all countries).

The weather blog I mainly follow is Dr. Jeff Master’s at the Weather Underground. According to Dr. Jeff:

“The Great Russian Heat Wave of 2010 is one of the most intense, widespread, and long-lasting heat waves in world history. Only the European heat wave of 2003, which killed 35,000 – 50,000 people, and the incredible North American heat wave of July 1936, which set all-time extreme highest temperature records in fifteen U.S. states, can compare.”

Dr. Jeff points out in this interview in the NY Times (in which his site is named “the best ongoing tracking of these extraordinary weather events”) that the horrible floods currently happening in Pakistan seem to be directly connected to the Russian heat wave.

(Does the fact that I just revealed that I follow all this weather stuff make me a huge nerd? Yes, it does. Do I care? No, I don’t. Why? Because I AM a huge nerd.)

Brian Williams of NBC Nightly News says to donate to these places to help the poor people of Pakistan.

Another place you might want to consider donating is Greenpeace. Because if we’re going to save the whales, it really is about reducing our dependency on fossil fuels, and trying to lessen our carbon dioxide emissions. And if things with the weather keep on the way they have been, they’re gonna need a bigger boat.


Anyway, I have to admit, after this weekend, I was feeling a little down. It didn’t help when I read about Tila Tequila and the Juggalos. And no, I’m not linking to them OR Tila. But I do want to point out that Method Man also got hit in the face with a full beer can. To paraphrase TMZ: Really, ICP? You want to mess with the Wu Tang Clan?

But then, Monday morning, a miracle occurred. We got an envelope from Disneyworld. Inside it was:

My passport that got “stolen” at Disneyworld a month ago apparently turned up in the Lost and Found, and they mailed it back to me (there was no note, so that’s what we’re assuming happened).

So thanks, Disneyworld!

See, it’s people who do the little things—like keep climatology blogs and send boats out to look for the microscopic oil droplets and make movies with Javier Bardem in them and give money to Doctors Without Borders and send people’s passports back in the mail that keep us all going.

So take heart everyone! It really is a small world after all.

More later.

Much love,