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Grandmas Have Taken Charge

He Who Shall Not Be Named In This Blog took me to see Killers the other night. (I’ve been feeling a little down about the oil. Who hasn’t been? It’s not here yet in Key West, but according to this map, it’s coming eventually).

To my surprise, I left the movies feeling less horrible, which means Killers did its job.

I was even more surprised when we walked past our local coffeehouse and found it packed (at 10PM at night).

Then I saw the sign:

Keys Oil Spill Crisis Response Task Force

I peeked in and realized that, as usual, everyone had forgotten about a VERY powerful group of people who don’t speak up very often (except when you forget to call).

A group who, like Andy Rooney on 60 Minutes, think “Gaga” is just something babies say, and that Justin Beiber would be so much better looking if he just got his hair out of his eyes.

The Grandmas!

Did any of us think the grandmas were just going to sit idly by and do nothing while tarballs coat the beaches their GRANDKIDS play on?


The Grandmas have taken charge!

BP just spent 50 million dollars on a new PR campaign, but our local fishing boat captains are having to shut down their businesses because so many tourists have canceled on them. Really, BP?

Now that I know the Grandmas are on the case, lots of things are making me smile again.

Like that MARIE CLAIRE Magazine called INSATIABLE (which comes out June 8 . . . that’s this Tuesday! Can you believe it???) one of ‘the best of the season’s beach-friendly releases,’ in their July issue!

Even more amazing, the LA Times chose INSATIABLE as one of their Editor’s Picks for Summer!


Then the girls on Go Fug Yourself, which is one of my all time favorite websites, said this made them want to read it!

Oh, and INSATIABLE is a Seventeen Magazine Beach Read, too!

(Causing HWSNBNITB to ask if seventeen-year-olds are even old enough to read Insatiable, since it’s an adult book. THIS WAS INCREDIBLE! I mean, HWSNBNITB knows it’s an adult book! He never pays any attention to anything non-college basketball related! He wouldn’t even watch the Insatiable book trailers because he thought they might “too girlie.” Although it’s probably a good thing he never saw the one where I got tackled by that guy.)

These ladies know. You have to celebrate the little things, right?

Here’s another thing worth celebrating:

I’m finally allowed to say I was given the 2010 YA Career Achievement Award (which honor authors for their entire body of work throughout their career) by RT Magazine!

(They asked me to keep it a secret until June. This was extremely difficult since I’m a huge blabbermouth, but somehow I managed!)

The winners and nominees were selected by RT’s staff of over 50 reviewers representing the readers’ voice in the women’s fiction industry.

Thank you so much, RT! This is the hugest honor!

Here’s their fabulous review for Insatiable:

The incomparable Cabot gives her own twist to the Dracula legend with a quirky and humorous tale that both skewers and embraces vampire fiction. Cabot takes a heroine with her own paranormal issues and gives her a vampire headache, which will delight readers. There’s also a dash of poignancy in this tale of star-crossed lovers. Irresistible as always!

Awwww! So sweet!

Like Grandma’s cookies. Mmmmm, cookies.

More little things to celebrate:

Did you know June is audio book month? (I didn’t.)

You can find most, if not all of my books available as audio books here (just scroll down for the links).

In honor of Audio Book Month, I’m having a contest to give away an audio book of Insatiable!

Grandmas (like my mom) love audio books because they listen to them as they are gardening (or scooping up tarballs on the beach)! Just an idea, if you feel like doing something nice for Grandma.

This week I did a whole bunch of satellite video interviews (like this one for Blogher). It was so fun! I got to speak to people from as far away as Australia! And they all wanted to know one thing (besides What’s the deal with the vampires?):

How could they help?

Well, here’s how:

Click here for sites my TV boyfriend Brian Williams (not a vampire) recommends.

Help the Birds and Animals:
International Bird Rescue Research Center
National Wildlife Federation
Seabird Sanctuary

Click here to help in Florida.
Don’t forget the Keys Oil Spill Crisis Response Task Force!

Look, I know we all felt scared for a while. And we still have a long way to go. But the Grandmas are here now.

They can’t do it by themselves, though. Help them clean up the beaches, save the birds, AND make Justin Beiber get that hair out of his eyes (come on, Justin. Do it for Grandma).

Don’t let the vampires win!

More later.

Much love,


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