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Memorial Day/Insatiable Page

Memorial Day Weekend! Official start of summer! Barbecues, beach, movies, and BOOKS (to be read for fun, not school).

I was supposed to get a pool/hot tub combo for my birthday (back in February). Will the new one be ready in time to use this weekend? We’ll see.

But something that IS ready?

The all new Insatiable page at megcabot.com!

My favorite part is the FAQs. I know the book isn’t due out until June 8, so not many of you have read it yet.

So these Frequently Asked Questions are actually based on questions the three of you who got ARCs (and my mom) asked, because you’re the only ones who’ve read it (besides a few awesome bloggers)!

I love the new page, especially the part about the inspiration for the book (the identity of this little dog is finally revealed)!

There’s also a third excerpt from the book up, too, from the POV of one of my favorite characters (not that I have favorites), the vampire slayer.

Plenty with which to keep you occupied this weekend, in case wherever you are, it rains!

(Of course, I have a book that’s actually in stores NOW, too, in the event this happens!)

It’s just so exciting to have something to look forward to . . . like the fact that, for the first time in a couple of years, I’m going to be at the Romance Writers of America Readers for Life Literacy Signing this year in Orlando! I’ll even be having a “Chat With” at 9:45, Saturday morning, July 31! (So don’t stay out too late Friday night, attendees!)

I’m sad RWA’s national conference had to move from Nashville to Florida (because of the horrible flooding in TN). This year kind of feels like it’s been one disaster after another. Everyone here in Key West is glued to the TV while we watch the terrible news out of Louisiana as they deal with the oil crisis (I feel weird calling it a spill. It’s not really a spill or a leak). I’m praying for a quick recovery for LA, while also praying all the oil that’s under the surface won’t find its way here to Florida or AL or Mexico or anywhere else. Though naturally, I know it’s going to have to. Sigh.

It’s times like these I feel like we all need something funny to get our minds off reality. Thank goodness there’s SATC2. I know the reviews are horrible. But sometimes a really silly movie is exactly what the doctor ordered. Sex And the City 2 in 60 Seconds, anyone?

Meanwhile, check out my Facebook page.

There might be ONE more surprise posted there to keep you entertained through the weekend!

More later.

Much love,


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