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Insatiable on the Bidding Block

Now you have a chance to bid on an exclusive sneak peek (and autographed) copy of my new book for adult readers, Insatiable (my first paranormal for adults, not due in stores until June 8), AND do some good for the flooded city of Nashville!

Just go here and bid!

According to the site, you have THREE DAYS to bid on items (well, until midnight CENTRAL STANDARD TIME on third day). When comments close, bidding is over. Highest bid/last commenter wins. Winners will need to email dtwtfn @ gmail dot com.

Who’s that handsome guy with the fangs?

*Originally Vampire Ken was not included in the auction but I decided if bids go over $250 he’ll be thrown in. He was made for a special purpose by some very talented and creative people (at great personal sacrifice that included going to NYC’s FAO Schwarz on foot in a huge rainstorm), and may be called upon for future duty (full confession: he co-stars with Kate Spade Barbie and GI Joe in an upcoming Insatiable book trailer).

Close up of Vampire Ken

More later.

Much love,


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