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Insatiable Book Trailer/PW Review

I can’t believe it’s less than three weeks until Insatiable comes out! I’m super excited about it.

Because in times like these—when volcanic ash is spewing all over one part of the world, and oil is gushing up from the ocean in another, and we’re apparently going to be without new episodes of Law and Order (at least, the non-SVU kind) for the first time in 20 years—what we need is fun, pure and simple.

And what’s more fun than a super hilarious spoof of your own book, in book trailer form?

Book trailers are a new (and sadly mostly ignored by the mainstream media) art form.

This is just wrong! Because there are so many ultra terrific book trailers out there (not many of us can get Zack Galifianakis to pose as ourselves in our own book trailers, though we all wish we could), along with some excellently dopey ones (what is wrong with this author?).

With this first book trailer for Insatiable, we (me, filmmaker Brady Hall, and the Harper Team) hoped to meld the super dopey with the ultra terrific, and come up with a new genre of book trailer:

The Super Ultra Excellently Terrific Book Trailer.

Personally, I think we succeeded.

Stay tuned for our next attempt, along with a post about The Behind The Scenes Making of The Insatiable Trailer (in which I Am Tackled a Million Times and People Spit on Me), coming soon, which will include clips such as:

Padding. That is padding he is looking at. On my butt. To protect it. What did you think was going on here???


OK, that actually didn’t feel so bad.

This would SO never happen to Nicholas Sparks.


But wait:

It gets even better! Here’s the Publishers Weekly review (of the book. Not the trailer. Publishers Weekly isn’t reviewing book trailers. Yet)!

Meg Cabot, Morrow, $22.99 (464p) ISBN 978-0-06-173506-6

Cabot (Princess Diaries) winningly applies her trademark likably fallible protagonists and breezy storytelling to a vampire war in New York City. TV writer Meena Harper creates fabulous plots for Insatiable, the second-highest–rated soap opera, thanks to her burdensome if lucrative psychic ability to see into the future and determine how people are going to die. And just as Insatiable is switching to a vampire theme to attract a younger demographic, a spate of chilling murders-by-exsanguination grips New York City. Enter Lucien Antonescu, a sexy, melancholic Romanian history professor/vampire who recognizes that the murders are the work of rogue vampires who have broken away from his order. (Lucien happens to be the son of Vlad the Impaler, whom Bram Stoker gave such a bad rep.) Lucien’s opposition: Alaric Wulf, a sympathetic detective from the Palatine Guard, who hopes to use Meena and her prophetic gift to stop the murders and track down Lucien. Unfortunately for Alaric, Meena is a little in love with Lucien. Cabot is less concerned with creating a convincing family tree for Lucien than with creating sparks between her characters, who feel pleasantly natural even as they live alongside the vampires next door. (June)

Whenever I hear the word “breezy,” I always think of Monica from Friends, and that episode where she leaves the message on Tom Selleck’s answering machine, trying to sound “breezy.” But she ruins it by actually saying:

Get This Quote - Find more at TVLoop

I love Monica. Therefore, anytime anyone describes anything I do as “breezy,” I consider it a win. So, BIG HUG, PW.

Although honestly Insatiable took me more than a year of staying up until 3AM to write, with my husband yelling, “It’s THREE IN THE MORNING!”

So there was nothing breezy about actually writing it, I can assure you. But once I got the idea for it, I was possessed. True, my editor is the one who suggested I write a vampire novel. But at the time, I said, “No way!”

Then this dog came into my life, and changed everything.

Find out how here. The ideas wouldn’t stop flowing and . . . well, there I was, at 3AM. For a year.

Stupid dog. More on him later, too.

(For regular readers of this blog: I apologize for not telling you about the dog. There are many things I can’t talk about with you here, either because people close to me don’t want me to, or because they’re just too upsetting to me. The dog fell into the latter category. I try to keep this blog a happy place, not just for you, but for me. So the fact that I’m finally letting you in about the dog now should tell you something: his story ended up with a Happily Ever After. Stay tuned for it.)

Anyway, we’re gearing up for Insatiable’s release by reading Dracula! Yes! You can join our discussion group right here! Win prizes for your insightful vampire-knowledge . . . but most of all, enjoy one of the dishiest, most romantic, creepiest classics ever . . . get Draculed!

Official Slogan of the Dracul, not to be transferred or used for any other purpose than Pure Evil

Finally, congratulations to “M”, who bid over $600 for a signed copy of the Insatiable ARC (I also threw in the first official copy, hot off the press!), as well as Vampire Ken (who’ll play one of the main characters from the book in a future book trailer) at the auction for Do The Write Thing For Nashville.

I had no idea who “M” was. I was sort of suspecting she was my mother.

So you can imagine my surprise (and relief) when “M” contacted me after the auction was over with her mailing address, and I found out I don’t know her at all! She’s actually one of the many extraordinarily generous and kind people who came out to help raise money for TN flood victims.

(I couldn’t believe it when I overslept and lost in my own bidding war for Rachel Vail’s Brilliant! But then I remembered I could donate directly! And pre-order a copy of Brilliant! So I did both!)

So, thank you, “M”! People like you (and all of you who created Do The Write Thing, and donated money, time, and goods to it!) are what’s helping to make this world a better place in its time of greatest need (floods, volcanoes, oil spills, no more Law and Order, etc).

You, and fun new book trailers of course!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go try to get HWSNBNITB to tackle me. It’s actually quite fun (you don’t even need padding if you do it on a bed)!

Uh, that came out wrong. Well, you know what I mean.

More later.

Much love,