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Cool Stuff Moms (and you) Will Like

Whether you’re a mom, have a mom, support a mom, or just act like a mom by bossing all your friends around, Mother’s Day is a good day to remember all the comforting things that make us feel happy and good inside, the way moms do (unless they’re that horrible mom from Precious who tried to drop a TV on Gabourey Sibide’s head):

Things like:

That movie Babies!

Who doesn’t love babies? Just because I don’t want a baby (and that’s OK! Parenting is the hardest job there is, and realizing you’re not up to the challenge doesn’t make you a bad person) doesn’t mean I don’t like babies. I love babies!

I especially love it when babies talk like grown-ups, like Pearl the Landlord and that eTrade baby and those Jersey Shore babies.

Okay, it’s kind of creepy when babies talk like grown ups. The best babies are the ones who act like real babies, like the ones in that Babies movie. Which you get to leave in the theater!

Wait, what? No, don’t leave your baby in the movie theater! I mean the babies in the movie CALLED Babies. You can leave THEM in the theater.

Betty White

Everyone, not just moms, loves Betty. And she was amazing on Saturday Night Live last night. Here are some clips if you missed it (and one that didn’t air)!

Friday Night Lights on NBC

Some of you might never have have watched Friday Night Lights before. But now’s your chance. It has the best mom on TV in it (Principal Tami Taylor)!

So how are you going to “jump in” for Season 4 now that it’s started?

Don’t worry. If He Who Shall Not Be Named In This Blog, whose favorite show is 24, can do it, anyone can!

Let me help:

Him: “Who’s that guy?”

Me: “That’s Coach Taylor. Last season, Coach Taylor got fired from West Dillon High, where the Dillon Panthers play.”

(Don’t even explain why he got fired, you don’t need to know in order to watch this season. Although you can get the DVD if you want).

Me: “Then he got hired to be the coach at the high school on the ‘poor’ side of town, East Dillon, where he has to rebuild the football program from scratch, with zero dollars and zero support from the community.”

Him: “Who’s that hot, hot lady?”

Me: “That’s Coach Taylor’s wife, Tami Taylor, mom of Julie Taylor and some baby whose name I can never remember. Tami’s the principal at West Dillon High, the high school on the ‘rich’ side of town, where her husband used to work.”

Him: “That’s messed up.”

Me: “I KNOW! TOTALLY! And at night after she’s done working at West Dillon, and he’s done working at East Dillon, they come home, and Tami drinks white wine. Then she and Coach have sizzling white hot sex.”

Him: “On screen?”

Me: “Uh . . . maybe not. Meanwhile the town hero, who ‘used to be’ Tim Riggins, is struggling with who he is now that he graduated from high school.”

(This is kind of like the plot of one my “Best Movies Ever,” Breaking Away.)

Him: “Why is Tim Riggins beating up that guy?”

Me: “Because he’s Tim Riggins. That’s all you need to know!”

I already saw this season of FNL because we get Direct TV, where it aired previously.

And I could not have loved it more! I love it so much I want to marry it. But that would be polygamy.

And now it’s on NBC! On Friday nights (of course) at 8PM, 7 Central. Facebook it!

Getting the Pretty Back by Molly Ringwald

Molly Ringwald! Wrote a memoir! Must read it! Now!

I feel like I have so much in common with Molly. I too had a crazy family (Sixteen Candles), loved a boy who was out of my league (Pretty in Pink), finally got him (The Breakfast Club), then faced down a plague (The Stand).

Oh, wait . . . all those things happened to Molly in movies, not real life.

But I still can’t wait to read her book!

Nice Recovery by Susan Juby

Check it out: Susan Juby has a hot new book AND a hot new look!

In Susan Juby’s typically modest way, she told me NOTHING about having a new book out (it’s a memoir about, according to an interview I found online, Susan’s life from 13 years old to just past 20, and her problems with alcohol during that time, and what early recovery was like, at least for her.)

It’s true I love everything Susan writes, but I’m especially loving this one, not just because of WHY Susan wrote it (to hopefully help young people with their own recovery), but because I talk to Susan Juby all the time (well, OK, a few times a year) and I knew NONE of this about her.

I even WENT TO A BAR with Susan and a bunch of her friends once, where they all proceeded not to drink. Instead, they brought out the sweaters they were knitting.

But you know what? It was Canada, so I was just like (in my head), “Oh, okay. It’s Canada. That must be what people do here.” (Seriously.)

And I was all (in my head) “I can’t believe I never learned to knit. I’M SUCH A LOSER.”



The best animated TV series (well, okay, I guess I can’t say that . . . The Simpsons is really good, too) ever is finally being released on DVD!

How much do I love Daria, the snarky high school outcast with the cheerleader sister and slightly (but not totally) clueless parents? Jane Lane is the best best friend ever, and Tom the best boyfriend.

Contrary to popular opinion, Daria and her family and friends are NOT cartoon characters. They’re real. I’m still convinced.

The Bronte Sister Action Figures

You’ve already seen the Bronte Sister Action Figures video a thousand times because when I put the link to it on my Twitter last week it was only at a 316 views and now it’s at 100,000 or something.

But did you show it to your mother?

Jesse Stone: No Remorse

There’s a new Jesse Stone movie on CBS tonight (starring Tom Selleck). Robert B Parker (author of the Spenser series, and also the Jesse Stone series) died this year, but he left behind this movie (and some previously unpublished books, I hear)!

I love moody, alcoholic police chief Jesse Stone. In this episode “Jesse, suspended from his job as police chief of Paradise, is a drunken recluse, much to the disgust of his oddly unaffectionate dog.” He helps solve a string of convenience store robberies, and hates his cell phone.

Hi, you had me at “oddly affectionate dog.” You’re not a mom, Robert B, but I think of you as one.

Iron Man 2

Yeah, I know. Not all moms love Iron Man, but I love that he’s around protecting us like a mom.

I’d never heard of Iron Man when I originally cooked up the Airhead series. I love that Stark Enterprises and Stark Industries are both causing international crises (as mentioned here in this funny review of Runaway). I can’t wait to see this movie.

Cougar Town

Everyone I know was like, “WATCH THIS TV SHOW STARRING COURTNEY COX” but I was turned off by the title.*

I wish I hadn’t been. Especially since it’s super funny (and touching). Just friends, some of whom are moms, trying to find love and cope. I can’t believe how much the title doesn’t fit this sweet show. (Check out this typically funny clip.)

*Edited May 13 to add: Reader Diana wrote in to say she just saw this story in People that they are changing the title! Because I wrote this? Ha, I wish. No, because the title is so misleading. Finally!

Parks and Rec

I love this show so much, not just because super mom Amy Poehler is in it, and everything she does is awesome (did you ever see her as ACLU lawyer Cricket Feldstein in Hamlet 2? Definitely a candidate for Best Movie Ever), but because of her amazing co-stars . . .

. . . like intern April (Aubrey Plaza), who has a crush on “shoe shine” guy and struggling musician Chris (Andy Dwyer), and Ron Swanson, aka sax player Duke Silver (played by Nick Offernan, who is Karen on Will and Grace’s real life husband, and who all the moms in Pawnee are in love with).

Plus, Parks and Rec has been competing with Jimmy Fallon for glee club sectionals.

Wait, did you not know there’s ANOTHER Glee? Yeah! Totally!

Here’s the stunning conclusion!

And now ROB LOWE is joining the cast of Parks and Rec. ROB LOWE, people. How is this not going to be great?

Rob Lowe co-starred (with Snow White) in the greatest Oscar Ceremony Opening your mom ever saw (below), the one she still talks about sometimes with her friends (Rob shows up around the 5 minute mark, if you want to fast forward to it).

Now you see why Rob Lowe simply MUST go on Parks and Rec, AND perform in their glee club.

Yes, there are a lot of scary things out there, but remember:

When things get TOO scary, you can always turn to your mother for comfort (unless she’s the mom in Precious, in which case, you can turn to this blog).

More later.

Much love,


PS Here’s a nice Mom blog by Nia Vardalos, National Adoption Day Spokesperson and mom of a three year old daughter she adopted through American Foster Care.

(You might also know Nia from the awesome movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding, which she wrote and starred in!)

Yeah. Moms (and the people who support them) rule.