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Taylor Swift, Scarlett Johansson, and Me

Oh, you didn’t know Taylor, Scarlett, and me hang out together?

Well, our shoes do, anyway.

Check out Hero In Heels to find out if YOUR favorite author/celebrity is auctioning off her shoes to help raise money to fight breast cancer! (OMG, hi, Bethenny Frankel!)

Mine aren’t up yet, and we’re checking to see when they will be, but to give you a sneak peek . . . .

They’re these Giuseppe Zanotti’s black suede leopard-print wedges ($600 when I bought them new)!

I swear I only wore mine once (to a chic party given in Brazil for the Rio Bienal!) As soon as I know when mine are up, I’ll let you know!

This is especially meaningful to me since yesterday my mom just got her 6 month cancer-free bill of health. YAY!

(She had uterine, not breast, cancer. But any kind of cancer is bad! Let’s fight to eradicate it ALL)!

Anyway, speaking of shoes, I had a blast hanging out with Teenfashionista.com this week. I know, I TOTALLY need to wear those shoes from Betsey Johnson, which I just bought in NYC, but haven’t had an occasion to wear yet (maybe at the end of the month on my mini-tour in Los Angeles?).

The other big news this week is that today the latest Stark Video went up at Luxury Reading (this is NOT the same video that went up on the Runaway page at BN.com. Same outfit, two different videos)!

I’m very proud of this ensemble though . . . everything is from Banana Republic. That crazy necklace broke immediately following the video shoot, though. I’m still mad about that, BR!

All of this fashion craziness kind of reminds me of Jessica Simpson’s new show, The Price of Beauty, which I can’t stop watching.

As Jessica is finding out, women all around the world, in all different cultures, do crazy things in an effort to look “beautiful,” only to discover in the end it really is what’s inside that matters. You can be the prettiest person in the room, but if you don’t believe in yourself, no one else is going to, either.

This is kind of the theme of the Airhead series. I mean, Em Watts doesn’t care about her looks, but she does think the guy she likes will finally notice her once she’s beautiful (thanks to the mysterious accident, courtesy of Stark Enterprises, that ends up with her getting her brain transplanted into a teen supermodel’s body. Uh, the science for this is closer than you think, you guys).

Then she discovers it was just her lack of confidence in herself that kept Christopher from noticing her in the first place . . . and in Runaway, this lack of confidence in herself is what may keep her and Christopher apart forever (oh, and end up getting her killed).

That’s the thing I think Jessica is trying to point out with her show (and I’m definitely pointing out with these books).

Also, what about corporations like Stark? They make so much money off us and our insecurities about the way we look. Is anyone holding them accountable?

(PS: I love this reader-made Stark video!)

I like how Jessica is making us think about pretty, what pretty means in different cultures, and how much we’re willing to pay for pretty.

I also like how Jessica posed (almost) without makeup for this magazine cover. She claims it wasn’t photoshopped, and it does look like her, back in her Newlyweds, just-got-up days!:

Anyway, be sure not to miss the cast of Glee on Oprah this week . . . not just because it’s the cast of Glee, and they’re on Oprah, but because one of my readers won tickets to the show and GOT TO SEE THEM LIVE!

Nicole wrote in to say: “If you DIDN’T see the episode, you should go watch! Mr. Shu does a dance off with Mike Chang and it’s amazing! :D”

She’s even in The Question and Answer segment, and gets to ask a question! She’s the super cute girl in pink who asks the “Puckleberry” question at around 8:25!

Finally, in the world of tabloids, while the story of Tiger’s comeback and how a few of his mistresses are going to be stripping at a club nearby AND plan on going to the Masters to watch him play (this is always the best way to get your married professional athlete lover to take you back: Keep on keeping it classy, ladies) is pretty sensational, this is my favorite breaking gossip of the week:

YES! You go, In Touch! What year is this? Who cares? I’m glad I’m not the only one still holding out hope for that Brad and Jen reunion!

More later.

Much love,