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Blooper Video/Author’s Guild/Princess Mia

People often ask, “How do you come up with your book trailers?”

I thought a look behind the scenes might give you a few hints.

Check out my book trailer blooper reel!

As you can see, book trailers are a team effort, with me mostly messing things up (see all the Runaway book trailers here).

Anyway, I’m home now, finally, recovering from what I’m convinced was food poisoning, and someone just called with this great news:

Scott Turow Elected President of the Authors Guild

The lawyer and the queen of teenage lit are in the house!

Scott Turow, the author of “Presumed Innocent” and the coming sequel, “Innocent,” has been elected president of the Authors Guild, a trade group that represents writers, and Judy Blume, the author of the perennial favorites “Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret” and “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing,” has been elected vice president.

The guild also elected the authors Meg Cabot, Michelle Richmond and T.J. Stiles to its executive council.

Yes, it’s true!

So now instead of just sitting around complaining when I’m upset about something book-and-publishing-related, I’m actually going to be one of the people helping to do something about it (or trying to, anyway)! I’m so excited!

(PS Have you noticed that BN.com no longer has links up to Common Sense Media reviews?)

(Edited May 2: Aaand now the links are back. Interesting.)

I wish I could do something about this oil spill in the Gulf, too.

I’m very worried about our sweet pod of friendly dolphins, our silly pelicans, our manatees, and my friend Captain Bob, who makes his living spear fishing for all our local restaurants here in Key West.

“Drill, baby, drill” doesn’t sound very catchy anymore, does it?

I guess that’s one reason why writers write books: to help people escape their own worries, at least for a few hours (I know that’s why I’m SO glad my copy of the new Precious Ramotswe mystery arrived today).

If you need to read something to get away from YOUR troubles, don’t forget that in addition to Runaway here in the US, the new Mediator double-editions are out in the UK territories.

Mediator 1 and 2

Mediator 3 and 4

Mediator 5 and 6

And tomorrow, May 1, is a very special day:

HRH Princess Mia Thermopolis’s birthday!

Be sure to check Mia’s blog for a special birthday update . . .

. . . like maybe the lyrics to Lana Weinberger’s new hit single, guaranteed to make even a reluctant princess forget her troubles.

More Later.

Much love,


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