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Ash Cloud vs. Al Roker

In case you haven’t heard (how could you not have?) a giant cloud of volcanic ash is consuming most of the air space over Europe.

Do you think if instead of being all, “It’s so COOL to read about a world where there isn’t enough food to go around and everything sucks. I wish that would really happen!” all the people who like dystopian fiction had gone, “I wish I could have Blair Waldorf’s life!” we’d all have maids named Dorota doing our hair right now, and not an ash cloud over our heads?

Not that I’m not enjoying seeing Al Roker standing in front of a live volcanic eruption in Iceland.

In fact, I seriously wish there was a channel that showed Al and the volcano 24 hours a day. I would pay-per-view this.

(Instead, I have to settle for Al’s Tweets, where he just explained: “Iceland’s airports are open to the US because we’re SW of the ash plume. You can’t go from Iceland to the rest of Europe.” Interesting.)

Here is a poll on Poll Daddy that I find endlessly entertaining (but not for the reasons it’s meant to):

Al Roker is live in Iceland covering the volcano!
Which natural disaster do you find most frightening?

Uh . . . that Al Roker is live in Iceland, covering a volcano?

Sorry, that one was just too easy.

Anyway, I’m just sorry that so many people (other than Al) are being so horribly effected by this volcanic eruption (including people trying to get to the funeral of the poor President and First Lady of Poland. I feel so badly for all the people of Poland, and send them my sincerest condolences).

Edited later: OK, while I’m totally of jealous of all the US citizens stranded in Paris (and Prague and Venice, etc), I just read about the thousands of Europeans who are stranded in the US and elsewhere. That truly sucks. I saw a lady on the news who was crying because she was on a business trip and now she can’t get home to her little daughter!

So . . . OK, I’ll stop being jealous. I still kind of wish I was stuck in Paris. But I get that I can’t be there right now, because

1. No flights (except to Iceland, apparently)

2. I’m on a book tour right now!

There are THREE DAYS until Runaway comes out officially in stores (though people have written to let me know they’ve already seen it in their local stores)!

Airhead and Being Nikki are out in paperback now!

Have you seen these sweet, sweet giveaways in honor of Runaway‘s release, like this one from Urban Outfitters, here on Café Fashionista?

Hello! So cute.

And there’s an iPad being given away at the Twitter Party the Book Smugglers are having for Runaway next Thursday.

Where is my iPad? I don’t have one. True, I do spend way too much time online anyway, and am pretty sure I shouldn’t get an iPad (I don’t even have an iPhone). But if someone gave me one free, I’d take it!

And have you voted on which Runaway T-shirt you like best?

You can do so over at get Trashionista.

I know which one is MY favorite, but I’m not eligible to vote. YOU can vote, though!

(HINT: VOTE FOR D!!!! Although why do I care which one wins? I don’t know. I just like D. Also, A, though. Oh, whatever, they’re ALL cute!)

We won’t announce the winner until the Twitter party next Thursday. Be there to find out who wins! (Another hint: You might want to have read the book by then, to avoid spoilers.)

This amazing review by College Candy concisely sums up the whole Airhead series (caution: some spoilers of the previous books!), which is why I love it so much. This is definitely the review to read if you’ve got Runaway and you need a quick refresher about what happened in Airhead and Being Nikki.

And here are a couple of other Runaway reviews (Booksaremylove and Luxuryreading) that people sent me. Thanks so much, you guys! MWAH.

And in case you missed it, here’s another sneak peek excerpt . . . only this one, I’m reading aloud!

I seriously haven’t watched this and I’m not going to, so I hope it’s OK. While I love writing and acting in them, I HATE seeing myself on film.

Speaking of hating seeing myself on film, the ever adorable Chick Lit is Not Dead posted 5 of the worst photos I’ve ever seen of myself on their site! It’s totally worth checking out (along with my woeful story about how unphotogenic I am—truly).

As if that’s not bad enough, they linked to it from BN.com! Ash cloud, please come bury me (it’s already buried my friend’s car in Germany).

Now I have to get back to packing for my trip to LA next week. If I even end up getting to go. There’s every chance the ash cloud could drift our way, if the collective unconscious wills it so!

Ha, just kidding. I don’t think even the collective unconscious could make it do that. Al Roker said so.

OUCH! Look out behind you, Al!

More later.

Much love,