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What a crazy couple of weeks!

And not just because of the Health Care vote, or because I have a new book out, or because of what’s happening to poor Sandra (though I’m still crossing my fingers that the rumors aren’t true, and maybe this is all just one of those celebrity shakedowns that have gotten so popular these days).

No, I had to make a sudden trip to NYC.

I’m forbidden from discussing why with you, since it involves He Who Shall Not Be Named In This Blog.

(For those of you who keep asking why HWSNBNITB doesn’t want me talking about him on this blog, the answer is, I guess some people just prefer to maintain a low profile. HWSNBNITB also refuses to Twitter, blog, or even join Facebook. He would rather spend all day painting a fence or making chili than updating his status. This may seem odd to some people, but it’s exactly why I find him so hot. It’s like living with the last cowboy on earth.)

All I’m allowed to say is that he’s FINE now. Thanks for asking!

I’m a bit sad, though, because if I’d known I was going to be in NYC for this long, I would have tried to attend The NYC Teen Author Festival!

Oh, well. There’s always next year!

I also somehow missed Author Appreciation Week. Thank you so much to everyone who appreciated me. Really, you can’t know how much I appreciate all of you back!

When asked which authors I appreciate, I kind of have to agree with Julie at Bloggers Heart Books:

So many authors, not enough days!

I appreciate so many authors in so many different ways: some for making me think, some for making me laugh, and even some for making me cry (damn you, authors!).

I couldn’t possibly choose between them, or narrow them down to five, ten, or even fifty names.

Right now, for instance, I’m reading This One Is Mine, by Maria Semple, which is so beautifully written, and yet so funny and bittersweet, at times it makes me want to cry.

When I can’t take the crying a second longer, I pick up Chelsea Handler’s Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang.

This book is so ridiculous (and dirty), it makes me laugh out loud.

Could there be two more different books? No. But I love them both!

So how could anyone appreciate one of these authors more than the other? Each is great, in her own way!

As for my own books, well, if you subscribe to my e-newsletter, then you already know all about the good news (if you didn’t get the one I sent out last week, you can see it here).

To sum up:

—I’ve finally got a pub date for Abandon, the first book in the first paranormal YA series I’ve done since The Mediator!

—The 1-800 series is getting a new look (and title) for Fall.

—And (shhh) there’s something exciting coming out in Summer 2011.

If you want to subscribe to future editions of the newsletter so you’ll be in the know—which I recommend, since subscribers will be the first people to find out about planned Runaway and Insatiable giveaways, and therefore, will probably be the winners—you can do so here.

Oh my God! He Who Shall Not Be Named In This Blog just walked in with a pink bag from Martine’s Chocolate’s!

Martine’s in Manhattan makes the best chocolate anywhere! Although I once had them make up what I considered a normal-sized box as a hostess gift for someone, and it ended up being $92.

But it was worth it when I tasted them (thank God she shared).

Okay, well, I have to leave you in order stuff my face now.

But before I do that, please go visit Mia Thermopolis’s blog! She and Grandmere—with Lily and Tina’s help—have commented on all the Oscar fashions. . . and of course, on poor Sandra’s alleged marital crisis.

Sandra, you’ll come out on top. You’re a survivor! If you need inspiration, watch this Jill Sobule/Erin McKeown performance. I know I find it very inspiring (and amusing):

More later.

Much love,