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Runaway: Win The Book! See The Video! Check Out The Tour!

In my new book, Runaway, Em Watts is on the run from people who want her out of the way . . . permanently.

I feel a bit like I’m on the run myself right now (not from people who want to kill me, so much as from bronchitis), there’s so much going on!

But it’s all good (well, except for the hacking cough and runny nose).

First of all, the blog tour for Runaway begins tomorrow! I know, I totally can’t believe it myself, since the book doesn’t come out until April 20. But that’s actually pretty soon!

I’ll be cyber-visiting these amazing sites (I can’t thank them enough for hosting me. Be sure to stop by to say hi!):

March 31: The Story Siren
April 2: My Friend Amy
April 6: Teen Fashionista
April 8: Luxury Reading
April 12: Pop Culture Junkie
April 14: Bermuda Onion
April 16: Trashionista
April 19: Novelicious
April 21: The Compulsive Reader

Obviously, I’m going to be really tired after all that jet-setting around cyber space.

But guess what? It doesn’t end there!

Because on April 22, we’re going to have a super huge blow-out Twitter Party, hosted by The Book Smugglers!

Why should you stop by and visit these sites? Well, besides the fact that they rock, all of them will be giving away Runaway tidbits (not spoilers, I hope!), like reviews, T-shirts, copies of the book, and—at the Twitter party on April 22—an iPad (I know, I was like, “Where’s mine?”)

Potential quotes from Runaway that could end up on the T-shirt:

“You know your Lamborghini is on fire, right?”

“What you’re experiencing right now is called Stockholm syndrome.”

“So according to the tabloids, I’m on a secret love getaway . . . .”

“Love. Revenge. Profit.”

“Pretty is a patriarchal archetype.”

On the 22, I’ll be in Los Angeles for the LA Times Book Festival (where I plan to go Big Pimpin’ with my homegirls, just to annoy Demi Moore). So don’t miss my in-person tour stops! More details to come soon!

Secondly, I’ll be giving away advanced reader copies of Runaway myself all week, every week, until the book’s release via my contest, Twitter, and Facebook pages. Click on the links below to look for ways to register to win!

Meg’s Facebook page

Meg’s Twitter

Meg’s Contest Page

(PS if you haven’t already, sign up to belong to the Airhead Facebook page.)

Finally, have you seen the new Stark Corporate videos about Project Phoenix?

Wait, you didn’t know Stark hired me as their new spokesperson? Well, now you do:

Just wait until the NEXT Stark Corporate video (it will be up on my YouTube channel next week)! It’s going to blow your mind.

OK, I have to go Tussin up now in preparation for the start of the big tour tomorrow. Although you may not believe this, I swear no Tussin was consumed in the making of the video above.

More later.

Much love,


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