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So You Want To Be Published

Well, now’s your chance!

Because you’re going to write an original audiobook story on Twitter!

And it’s GOING to get published.

(Actually, it’s going to be recorded in a studio and then made available as a download on iTunes . . . just like this one written by Neil Gaiman and the Twitterverse)!

Tuesday, February 16 at Noon EST (don’t be late!), I’ll tweet the first line of a totally original Meg Cabot story . . .

. . . and then YOU can tweet the rest.

Will our story have romance? Will it have suspense? More importantly, will it have romantic suspense? I don’t know.

Because YOU’RE going to decide!

Just login to your Twitter account (if you don’t have one, sign up! Registration is free, you know) to tweet what you think the next sentence of the story should be after I post it here tomorrow.

Now remember: This is the big time, baby, so make it good. We’ve got a real-time editor who’s going to decide whose lines are best, and then select only the most awesome ones . . . .

Until suddenly, presto! We have a real book going.

Want to know more?

Techy stuff:

Read the opening line of the story on MY Twitter, and then follow along here @BBCAA to tweet the next possible sentence (tweets must be 140 characters or less) like this:

@BBCAA Your Tweet Here #bbcawdio

BBC Audiobooks America (and myself, of course) will read all of the suggested lines and retweet ONLY the ones that best continue the story in real time.

This special choose-your-own-adventure style story will be chronicled here as the story unfolds (with its myriad twists and turns) as created by YOU (with my help, of course)!

What happens after the story is finished?

When our story winds down, BBC Audiobooks America will edit the contributions and compile a script, then head into the studio to record and produce the audiobook!

The final audiobook will be downloadable for FREE on their website, and also available as a digital download at iTunes and other audiobook retailers.

(Please see their legal release for further rules, information, and other mumbo jumbo.)

For more info, stay tuned to BBCAA’s Twitter’s page! As well as my own, of course.

I can’t WAIT to write with all of you! It’s going to be legen . . .wait for it . . .DARY.

See you tomorrow at noon!

More later.

Much love,


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