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Birthday Thanks

Thanks to everyone who emailed, Tweeted, and sent me birthday greetings today! You’re all the best! Seriously, that was so sweet of you!

I was going to celebrate by going see Avatar because I’m the only person in the ENTIRE WORLD who hasn’t seen it yet and I feel like I’ve fallen behind on my popular culture.

But after treating myself to a day of beauty (manicure, pedicure, hair), I got a flat tire on my bike on the way home…

In the rain!

Fortunately I was right outside the bike repair shop. But still. It was a bit depressing, especially since I missed the afternoon showing.

But then I got home, dried off, and checked my favorite gossip site, Dlisted….

And I was so psyched to see I was a birthday slut again this year (along with other February Firsters Pauly Shore, Princess Stephanie of Monaco, and the fabulous Michael C. Hall of Dexter! I hope his recovery from cancer is quick, because we all love him so much)!

Then things kept getting better and better: Beautiful flowers got delivered! A 1905 edition of A Little Princess arrived from my agent!

Then I took the The Myers Briggs personality test to see how much I’ve changed since my last birthday.

(I think change is good. If we don’t change, we don’t grow. And if we don’t grow, we just stay the same, which means we haven’t learned anything. Not having learned anything isn’t good. I always want to have learned something since my last birthday. And not just about Snooki from Jersey Shore.)

So I was so excited to discover that my personality profile had changed, and my ideal career, according to this test, is a teacher or social worker! This means, according to this test, I’m a “giver”!

This makes me the same Myers-Briggs personality profile as Kirstie Alley, Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, David, King of Israel, and Randy Quaid!


He Who Shall Not Be Named In This Blog didn’t believe me when I told him about the test results (about me being a giver).

Don’t ask me why. I think it had something to do with sharing the remote control.

So he made me take the quiz again and answer the questions “honestly” with him hovering over my shoulder going, “Tell the truth!”

So when I answered the questions that way, I got the same personality profile as Tom Selleck. Which isn’t quite the same as Barack Obama and Randy Quaid, I have to say.

If you want to find out what your personality type is, you should take the quiz. But remember it’s just for fun….it isn’t exactly scientific!

Thank goodness.


More later.

Much love,