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What did you do during this past holiday weekend? Go to the movies?

Me, too!

I haven’t seen Avatar yet because there aren’t any 3-D screens in my area, and all my friends who’ve seen it say you have to see Avatar in 3-D (on an Imax screen).

But I DID see the following:

One Minute Movie Reviews

Up In The Air

I loved this movie so much! I wouldn’t exactly call it a romantic comedy…and okay, there was a twist I totally didn’t see coming.

But Up In The Air definitely didn’t leave me feeling down in the dumps.

Up In The Air =

It’s Complicated

John Krasinski is so funny in this, and of course Meryl Streep’s house is to die for.

But I am apparently the only woman in America who was a little bit bothered by the scene where Meryl’s character casually changes the bottle on her kitchen water cooler as she’s chatting away with one of her romantic interests.

Hello! Those water bottles are really, really heavy (I know, I have a water cooler in my house, and I also used to have to change the one in the office where I used to work all the time).

I’m not saying Meryl should have been Liz Lemon-esque incompetent at changing the bottle on her water cooler. We women can do anything men can do (usually better).

But the guy she’s with didn’t even offer to help her!

I’ve been told by everyone else who has seen this film that I Need To Let The Water Bottle Go.

BUT I CANNOT. I still can’t believe he didn’t even offer.

It’s Complicated =
(really, this is two and a half until someone explains what was up with the water bottle)

(500) Days of Summer:

I know everyone already saw this movie last summer. But I was afraid to see it because (AND THIS IS NOT A SPOILER) I heard the couple in it break up.

But guess what? That wasn’t a spoiler because they’re ALREADY broken up from the minute the movie starts!

So don’t worry! I’m sorry I was prejudiced against this movie. I loved it! There was even a DANCE NUMBER!

So delicious.

500 Days of Summer =

Julie and Julia

This movie was SO GOOD. I actually read the book the movie is based on and loved it, too.

Amy Adams plays Julie Powell, who wants to make something of her life by cooking every recipe in Julia Childs’ Mastering the Art of French Cooking cookbook, then blogging about it.

Meanwhile, Meryl Streep plays Julia Child, the only woman (and American) enrolled in the all-male Cordon Bleu cooking school in post-war France, who then goes on to write Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

The only problem is, I heard Julie Powell has written a true-life pseudo sequel, in which she and her husband cheat on each other.

Amy Adams had this to say about it: Not MY Julie Powell!

Not mine either.

Julie and Julia =


This is the dirtiest movie ever! Do NOT watch it with your mom! Or anyone who might be offended by large close-ups of singing, dancing male genitalia!

I was shocked, SHOCKED, I tell you. And I loved every minute of it.

Bruno =

The Hurt Locker

This movie got SUPER SCARY in the first five minutes. I was so scared, I had to turn it off.

But then my friend Beth said, “No, it will be all right, just watch,” so I did. And I’m glad I did because it was SO GOOD.

Plus, it has a woman director.

Some actual bomb squad veterans are saying it isn’t an “accurate” depiction of bomb defusing in Iraq, which I’m sure it’s not!

But obviously the screenwriter, who rode along with a bomb unit in Iraq for a time, had to make the story more dramatic for cinematic purposes, since it’s fiction, not a documentary.

To be completely honest, Romancing the Stone is not an accurate depiction of what it’s like to be a romance writer. But it’s still an OK movie.

Although nowhere near as good as The Hurt Locker, of course.

The Hurt Locker =

Well, I have to go now, because I just got District 9 and JCVD in the mail (what? You’ve never heard of JCVD? You will soon).

One Minute Movie Reviews on them coming soon!

More later.

Much love,